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Here are the weekly summaries for 9-7-2009 to 9-11-2009:

 READING:  Reading the story  "Yang and Her Impossible Family"   Open book test on Thursday

SPELLING WORDS:  humid, prove, costume, suit, include, movies, avenue, produce, humid, rescue, unit, annual, continue,

future, beauty, value, humor, museum, amuse, youth 

REVIEW spelling words (these are not bonus words):  cube, fruit, glue, human, lose

CHALLENGE (if students miss these they do not count against them, but if they get them correct, they get 2 bonus points for each word spelled correctly): approve, cruise, introduce, refuse, tissue

Social Studies:  Still working on the states, test on all 50 states Friday

Science : Chapter 1 plants

English:  Nouns (singular, plural, singular possessive, plural possessive)