We are using two different programs for math.          

 #1 Saxon Math-We practice calendar activities for 15 minutes every day.  This includes the calendar with dates, number patterns, place value, time, money, and graphing.

                    *We will learn a new skill every day and practice this for 10-15 minutes. 

                    *Students will complete side A of their homework with me. Side B will be their responsibility to complete and turn in by the next morning.  Students usually have time to complete this in class.  Homework can be taken home to be checked if you request it, instead of being turned in the day it is assigned.


**Rocket Math- We have been practicing basic facts using Rocket Math.  Students get 2 minutes to study the test they are on with a partner.  Then, they have 1 minute to complete a page of 56 problems.  Each student has a goal to work towards; they do not have to complete the whole page.  They work at their own pace and "move up their rocket" to harder problems individually. 

            **Students will bring these pages home 2-3 times a week to practice and have a parent/guardian sign for a treat the next day.  Please help your student study!