May 12, 2017 Newsletter












By now I'm sure you've seen or heard of Fidget Spinners, the new educational toy meant to help students with ADHD by giving them a physical outlet while they work. This toy was designed with the intention of helping students focus by giving them physical stimulation to keep from fidgeting.


Recently, however, Fidget Spinners have become popular outside of their academic purpose. While this is fine outside of school, however they are not allowed in the kindergarten classrooms, the lunch rooms or on the playground. I am asking that all Fidget Spinners be left at home from now on.

These toys serve a wonderful purpose when they are used in the correct context, but they are highly distracting when used otherwise. I can tell you with confidence that our students have enough distractions already as we near mid-May. J


Please remember to return your child's leveled reader on Mondays so we can send home a different story for that week.  Thank-you!



What's happening in...


Religion:  We have finished our Religion Series, so we are learning about lots of different saints.  The kids are putting together a saint book that they can take with them at the end of the year:)  We have also started practicing for our kindergarten mass on June 2nd!!!  How exciting!!!

Language Arts:  We reviewed our sight words and continued to clapped out syllables.  We have been writing lots of journal entries for their journals that will be going home at the end of the year:)  We are still practicing writing sentences and making sure they begin with an upper case letter and end with an endmark.  We are working on phonetic spelling also.  PLEASE work with your child on identifying sight words.  Here are the ones we have learned so far including this week: and, a, are, but, be, come, came, from, find, how. I, is, into, like, me, my, many,now, of, on, see, so, the, to this, that, we, will, what, where, who, with, go,for, here, they, soon, new, make, play, then, say,said, was, then, good, ate, could, he, away, must, by, there, no, down, do, only, little, went, look, very, their, saw, put, out and up.  Sight Words should be practiced nightly.

Math: We have finished chapter 12 and are finished with our book!.  We will continue to review concepts we have learned.  We are also continuing to practice counting by 1's up to 100, 2's to 30 , 5's and 10's to 100.  Car rides are also a great place to practice!  

Science/Social Studies: We learned about sharks!!!





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