Grade 4


Welcome to Mme. Chenu's Grade 4 French class webpage.  Please come back often for announcements, links to fun games and study tips. 



 Welcome to Grade 4 French! 

Feel free to use the on-line resources to practice your new vocabulary!


September Videos and Resources:

Use the following links to help you learn basic vocabulary and expressions:

French Alphabet Rap - View this video of the Alphabet Rap in French! 

French Alphabet Spelling Song - View this video and sing along the alphabet and spelling the days of the week.

Les sept jours de la semaine:  View this video and sing along to learn how to say the seven days of the week in French

Number Song Video - Listen and sing the numbers in French from one to ten 

Greetings - Short video to learn basic expressions when greeting and meeting people

Se présenter - Short video of a simple conversation when meeting new people

Names and how to spell them - video to learn French spelling and abbreviations

Basic French Greetings Video - learn the basic greeting phrases through this lesson on video (Also view Part 2)

Greeting Vocabulary - learn and listen to greeting vocabulary. Click on links on the left side for other basic vocabulary.

Greetings Game - Test your greeting vocabulary by playing this game of Millionaire

Resources for Units:

Découvrons notre école - In this unit, students will learn common expressions used in greetings and in the classroom. They will also explore vocabulary related to places and objects in school. 

Les aventures d'A-V - In this unit, students will learn to read and write comics.  They will learn vocabulary related to parts of the body, characters, scenes and setting.  They will be given the opportunity to create their own comics by drawing or using technology.

Bonne Collation, bonne nutrition! - In this unit, students will learn to read and write about healthy and nutritious food and snacks.  They will be given an opportunity to try out different recipes in French.

Bonne fête! Joyeux anniversaire! - In this unit, students will learn how expressions related to dates, months, holidays and Birthdays.  Students will create Birthday cards and learn a variety of party games.

La météo - In this unit, students will describe the weather, seasons and clothing in French. 

Logos animaux - In this unit, students will learn vocabulary related to animals, logos and their descriptions.




1. : Games from télé-français

2. Paires-Eclairs : Fun, matching game (vocabulary practice)

3. Digitaldialects : Variety of games using basic vocabulary

4. Zut : List of French games and resources by topic



  • Songs : Listen and view videos of French songs and rhymes for kids
    Oral Resources:
  • Listen to Anything you want! : Type in any French words or phrases, and listen to how it's pronounced by several French speakers.
  • Carmon Campagne: Find interesting stories and games by Carmen from TFO
  • Mini TFO: Find interactive games and stories from TFO
  • Gregg LeRock: Lyrics to Gregg LeRock's songs