Grade 5

Welcome to Mme. Chenu's Grade 5 French class webpage.  Please come back often for announcements, links to fun games and study tips. 


Please bring an English- French dictionary to class at all times!

Please click on the link below for more on-line resources.

 Resources for Units:

Une maison pas comme les autres -  In this unit, students will learn vocabulary related to architecture, houses, furniture and appliances.  Students may be given the opportunity to draw floor plans and create a virtual dream house.

Au café - In this unit, students will read and learn about restaurants, cafés and food from different cultures. Students create dialogues taking place in a café. They will also explore different recipes and may have a chance to create their own menus.

Bienvenue chez nous!  This unit explores people and services in our communities.  Students will learn to describe their own communities and discover other places and cities around the world. 

Que le spectacle commence! - In this unit, students will learn various magic tricks.  They will be given the opportunity to present their choice of magic tricks in French.

Tous les champions! - Students will read and write about the Olympics and other sports events.  They will learn vocabulary and expressions related to sports activities and equipements.

Vive l'amitié! - In this unit, students will learn to describe themselves and others.  They will explore different vocabulary and expressions to describe friendships.

Other Resources:

  • Carmon Campagne: Find interesting stories and games by Carmen from TFO
  • Mini TFO: Find interactive games and stories from TFO