Gr 7 Vedettes du cirque

Vedettes du cirque

This unit explores the theme of carreers in a circus.



Cirque du Soleil - Discover "Cirque du Soleil" and watch videos of their shows

Battleship - Review vocabulary of this unit

Jeopardy - Review vocabulary of this unit

Hangman - Review vocabulary of this unit

Circus Schools - List of circus schools in French

Circus Schools - List of circus schools in English

Arts York - Learn about the Arts program at Unionville H.S.

New Media Arts Program - Learn about a special High School program at Thorlea S.S.

Sports program - Learn about a special athletic program at Bill Crothers S.S.

Career Cruising - Research on the careers that interest you

(Access Career Cruising: Grades 6-12+ students are directed to sign into the site with their district assigned account. The portfolio username for students is york-xxxxxxxxx where xxxxxxxxx is the student ID. When logging in for the first time the password will be the student’s birth date using the format mmddyyyy. The system will prompt the student for a new password after successfully logging in for the first time. )

Careers Test : Use this site from the government of Canada to discover your abilities and careers that suit you.  Available in English and French

Final Task - Create your website:

 Mr. Singh's Webpage - An example for the final task in creating your own website - Secured website with password where you can create your own site. Change password after first login. (Create up to 5 pages on your site) - A free website creator to help you create your own webpage

Project must include the following information:

* Generally, include information from BLM 8 (Ma carte biographique)

  1. Physical descriptions
    • (Exemple :  J’ai des cheveux noirs.  Je suis grande.)
  2. Character descriptions
    • (Exemple : Je suis travailleuse et comique.)
  3. Hobbies/ Activities
    • (Exemple : Mes passe-temps sont jouer au sport et aller sur l’ordinateur. Mon activité préférée est lire.  J’aime bien dessiner.)
  4. Preferences
    • (Exemple :  Ma couleur préférée est le bleu.  Je préfère jouer au football.)
  5. Career/ Aspiration
    • (Exemple :  Je veux être une professeure parce que j’aime bien travailler avec des enfants. )
  6. School Advertisement/ Information (Refer to BLM 12/ 13)

 Success Criteria:

  • Follow the models from BLM (8, 12, 13, 28) and workbook
  • Use a variety of sentence structure (i.e. different sentence starters, conjunctions)
  • Use descriptive adjectives (refer to BLM 5)
  • Check spelling and grammar (verb conjugations, adjective agreements)
  • Write in paragraphs (minimum of 150 words in the entire project)


Final Task - Submit your assignments!

  •  Weebly - Make sure you click "publish" for your website. Others will not be able to visit your website without a password. (Password will be shared in class.)
  • Other websites and digital formats - If you've created anything that cannot be printed for this assignment, such as a personal website, powerpoint, photostory etc., then upload your assignment using Moodle.

Steps to uploading your assignments:

  1. Go to YRDSB Moodle and use your student Username and Password.
  2. Search courses at "Stonebridge P.S." or "Mme Chenu"
  3. Click on "Gr. 7 French - Mme. Chenu"
  4. On the left hand side of the page, click on "Enrol me in this course"
  5. Click on "Gr. 7 Vedettes du cirque - Submit Final Task Assignment" (For all digital files) OR Click on "Gr 7 Vedettes du Cirque - Post links to Final Assignments" (to post links of your website)


Click on the link below for a list of vocabulary for this unit (opens with Microsoft Word).

·    Vedettes du cirque

Un/Une Acrobate – Acrobat

L’acrobatie – Acrobatics

Actif/Active – Active

Amusant (e) – Amusing, Funny

Un/Une artiste du cirque – Circus performer

Une audition – An audition

Auditionner – To audition

Aventureux/aventureuse – Adventurous

Avoir … Ans – To be … years old

Célèbre – famous

Un cirque – Circus

Un Clown – Clown

Confiant (e) – Confident

Courageux/Courageuse – Courageous

Un Cours – School subject/Course

Créatif/Créative – Creative

L’haltérophilie – Weightlifting

Un Hercule – A strong man

Intelligent (e) – Intelligent

La Jonglerie – Juggling

Un jongleur/Une Jongleuse – A juggler

Un magicien/Une Magicienne – Magician

La Magie – Magic

Le Mime – Mime

Un/Une Mime – Mime artist

Un Spectacle – Performance, Show

Une Trampoline – Trampoline

Le trapèze volant – Flying trapeze

Un/Une trapéziste – Trapeze artist

Une Vedette – Celebrity, Star

Vouloir – To want 


Additional Vocabulary:

Ajouter –To add

Appuyer sur – To press

Avoir lieu – To take place

Un brouillon – A rough draft

Un courriel – E-mail

Un formulaire – A form (to fill in)

Génial/Géniale – Great/Fantastic

Un geste – Gesture

Un Métier – Job

Regarder – To look at

Les adjectifs:

·    Les adjectifs video: Watch a video that describes the rules of formulating adjectives

·    Les adjectifs: Read about the rules to formulating adjectives

Les verbes:


faire - to do/ to make

















faire - song to help you memorize "faire"


Other Resources:

·    Caroline Brunet in the News (2000) - Read news articles about Canadian Olympic kayaker Caroline Brunet.

·    Caroline Brunet - Read a short biography on Caroline Brunet, written at the time of the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney, Australia.

·    Alison Sydor - Read a short biography on Canadian cyclist Alison Sydor.

·    Alison Sydor's Official Web Site - Everything you ever wanted to know about Alison can be found in her official Web site, including personal heroes, motivations, and a full biography.