Gr 7 Zone Sportive

Zone Sportive

This unit explores the theme of extreme sports and video games.


Les sports - Picture dictionary of sports and equipement

Battleship: Review vocabulary of this unit

Hangman: Review vocabulary of this unit

Matching: Review vocabulary of this unit


Click on the link below for a list of vocabulary for this unit (opens with Microsoft Word).

·    Zone sportive


Demonstrative Adjectives - Adjectifs démonstratifs

Demonstrative adjectives (this, that, these, those) are words used in place of articles to indicate a specific noun. In French, they must agree in gender and number with the noun they modify:

Ce is the masculine singular demonstrative adjective:

   Ce prof parle trop. - This (That) teacher talks too much.
   J'aime ce livre. - I like this (that) book.

Ce becomes cet in front of a masculine noun that begins with a vowel or mute h (learn more):

Cet homme est sympa. - This (That) man is nice.
   Je connais cet endroit. - I know this (that) place.

Cette is feminine singular:

   Cette idée est intéressante. - This (That) idea is interesting.
   Je veux parler à cette fille. - I want to talk to this (that) girl.

Ces is plural:

   Ces livres sont stupides. - These (Those) books are stupid.
   Je cherche ces femmes. - I'm looking for these (those) women.




Masc before vowel


this, that




these, those 




Quiz 1 - Test yourself on demonstrative adjectives

Quiz 2 - Test yourself on demonstrative adjectives

Concentration - Play a short game to match the correct demonstrative adjective to the object

Millionaire - Review vocabulary, adjectives agreements and demonstrative adjectives

Video - A lesson on demonstrative adjectives

Devoir - must, to have to; to owe/ should




































Games - Matching, concentration, flashcards, crosswords games to review conjugations of "vouloir, devoir, pouvoir"

Battleship - Conjugate "devoir" in present tense to win this game of battleship

Jeopardy: Review all irregular verbs (avoir, devoir, faire, être, vouloir) in this game of Jeopardy

Avoir besoin de - to need

(Click "avoir" to review the conjugations)

La preposition < à >


Note: When followed by the definite articles le and les, à contracts with them
into a single word:
      For example  
  à + le = au au magasin  
  à + les = aux aux maisons  
But à does not contract with la or l'
  à + la = à la à la banque  
  à + l' = à l' à l'hôpital  

Video - Lesson on the "La preposition à"

Matching game - Which one would you choose to go to any of these places?

Jeopardy - Translate the proper preposition and finish the sentence in French


·    Caroline Brunet in the News (2000) - Read news articles about Canadian Olympic kayaker Caroline Brunet.

·    Caroline Brunet - Read a short biography on Caroline Brunet, written at the time of the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney, Australia.

·    Alison Sydor - Read a short biography on Canadian cyclist Alison Sydor.

·    Alison Sydor's Official Web Site - Everything you ever wanted to know about Alison can be found in her official Web site, including personal heroes, motivations, and a full biography.


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