Gr 8 Fêtes et Mardi gras

Fêtes et Mardi gras

This unit explores numerous cultural festivities and celebrations in North America, providing the evidence of the history and liveliness of the Francophone presence.


 Click on the link below to download a list of vocabulary for this unit


St-Valentin - Picture and vocabulary related to St. Valentine's date

Halloween - List of vocabulary related to halloween

Noël - List of vocabulary related to Christmas (in French)

Noël - List of vocabulary in French and English related to Christmas


Passé composé - Describing the past in French

Le futur proche - Expressing the near future in French


Louisiane: le Mardi Gras - Watch a video on Mardi Gras celebrated in Louisiana after the Katrina (in French)

Mardi Gras - Video about the "Mardi Gras" by National Geographic (in English)

Holiday Talk - Mini video to learn about how to talk about your holiday in French

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  • Zachary Richard - Learn more about the talented and world famous Cajun musician featured in Fêtes et Mardi gras. The Web site offers opportunities to sample Richard's music, read his poetry and learn about his environmental interests. The site is available in French and English.
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