Mme Kwong's French Website


Welcome to Mme. Chenu's French class webpage.  Please come back often for announcements, links to fun games and study tips. 


Learn French and have Fun!  Tongue out


Visit the links below for a variety of games to practice French:


1. : Thousands of games - Search for French games related to unit of study

2. : Disney games in French

3. : Games from télé-français

4. Paires-Eclairs : Fun, matching game (vocabulary practice)

5. Digitaldialects : Variety of games using basic vocabulary

6. Zut : List of French games and resources by topic

7. Gramm-O-L'eau: Challenge yourself with various interactive grammar games!



  • Picture Dictionary : Basic vocabulary with English-French translations
  • French-English Dictionary: Search English or French words at the top of this website
  • Picture Vocabulary: Listen and learn vocabulary related to your unit of study
  • Bon Patron: Check your writing by typing in French, and it will show you where you need to make corrections.  (Note: It does NOT make the corrections for you, but it can be helpful to see if you've made mistakes)
  • Listen to Anything you want! : Practice for your presentation by typing in any French words or phrases, and listen to how it's pronounced by several French speakers.
  • French classroom commands - Be familiar with common Classroom phrases with these flashcards

  • Typing French accents - This page gives you the "ALT" codes to type French accents on a PC

  • On-line French keyboard - Use this page to type in French. You may copy and paste it to other documents

Verbs Help:

Junior Verb List - A list of 100 most common verbs listed in alphabetical order from English to French

Intermediate Verb List - Download a list of over 600 verbs listed in alphabetical order in both English and French; Common verbs are highlighted

Conjugator: Help with conjugations? Type in any verb and see a list of conjugations in different tenses.  Make sure you choose the CORRECT tense for your writing!

Why Learn a New Language?

Video ONE - funny video

Video TWO - reasons to learn a foreign language

Video FOUR - Foreign Language Ad (funny)

Video FIVE - Foreign Language Ad (funny)

Pourquoi take French - music video by Etienne

One charter, Two languages - a video from the government of Canada, showing why many young people across Canada continue to study French/English in order to be bilingual

Workopolis - search a list of current jobs in Ontario, and see how many jobs have French as an asset! (Search: Bilingual, French & English)

High School French Credits - What do you need to graduate from High School?  Click on the link to see the complete list.  At least one Gr.9 French as a second language is compulsory


Aux Champs-Élyées - karaoke Sing-along the popular song about Paris

Vive le vent - Jingle Bells in French

Mon beau sapin - O Christmas Tree in French

Nuit étoilée - Silent Night in French

Le père noël arrive ce soir - Santa Clause is coming tonight (in French)

Au royaume du bonhomme hiver - Holiday songs