Gr 4 Les aventures d'A-V

Les aventures d'A-V


In this unit, we are learning to draw comics in French.

Vocabulary includes:


  • attraper (to catch)
  • frapper (to hit)
  • sauver (to save)
  • crier (to scream)
  • chanter (to sing)
  • danser (to dance)
  • nager (to swim)
  • marcher (to walk)
  • sauter (to jump)
  • tomber (to fall)
  • grimper (to climb)
  • voler (to fly)
  • courir (to run)

Body Parts:

  • la poitrine (chest)
  • les oreilles (ears)
  • les coudes (elbows)
  • les doigts (fingers)
  • les épaules (shoulders)
  • les bras (arms)
  • les jambes (legs)
  • le nez (nose)
  • la bouche (mouth)
  • les yeux (eyes)
  • les cheveux (hair)
  • le torse (torso)

Character Descriptions:

  • aventureux/aventureuse (adventurous)
  • sportif/sportive (athletic)
  • intelligent/intelligente (clever)
  • confiant/confiante (confident)
  • super-fort/super-forte (very strong)
  • comique (funny)
  • effrayant/effrayante (scary)
  • extraordinaire (extraordinary)
  • génial/ géniale (cool)
  • sympathique (friendly/nice)


  • les montagnes (the mountains)
  • l'océan (the ocean)
  • une ile tropicale (a tropical island)
  • l'espace (outer space)
  • le désert (the desert)
  • la foret (the forest)
  • dans une maison (in a house)
  • dans un centre commercial (in a mall)
  • dans une école (in a school)
  • dans la rue (in a street)


Click on the links below for a variety of on-line resources:


1. Hangman: Use parts of the body vocabulary to play hangman

2. Battleship: Answer questions on body aches and healthy living correctly in order to sink your opponent's ships.

3. Matching: Match French and English parts of the body vocabulary


1. Picture Dictionary 1: Learn more vocabulary about "the body" and listen to the pronunciation (part 1)

2. Picture Dictionary 2: Learn more vocabulary about "the face" and listen to the pronunciation (part 2)

3. Savez-vous planter des choux: French song from Quebec that uses unit vocabulary

4. Parts of the Body vocabulary:  Listen to the pronunciation of unit vocabulary


  • Songs : Listen and view videos of French songs and rhymes for kids

Oral Resources:

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