Gr 8 Expo 1900

Expo 1900


In this unit, students tour a museum exhibit devoted to the accomplishments of francophones during the 19th century. A short, very simple description of each featured historical figure allows students a brief overview of the figures’ life events.


Click on the links below for a variety of on-line resources: 

Roger Viollet - Interested in viewing beautiful photographs of the actual Expo 1900 that took place in Paris? Then visit this site! Upon arrival in the site choose to do a "Recherche simple." In the "mots clés" box enter: Exposition Universelle. Enter"1900" in the date field. And voilà! Over 300 fantastic photographs taken during the Paris Expo of 1900. Available in French only.

Expo 1900 Videos:

The French Revolution - Watch a video that outlines the general history from Louis XVI to Napoleon (In English)

Biography of Napoleon - Watch a video of a short biography of Napoleon's life

Napoleon's Life - Watch a video about Napoleon's life

The story of an idea - About Henri DUNANT and the RED CROSS

Simple Gestures - Message from Red Cross

Youth on the Move - Young People today participating in Red Cross

Magic Touch - Story of Louis Braille

Young Heros - Video of Louis Braille

Helen Keller - About her amazing story

Jules Verne: Watch a video about Jules Verne's life and inspirations to his books

Jules Verne adventure: Watch the trailor of Jules Verne adventures

Qui a inventé la poubelle ?  Find the answer in this video!

Les adjectifs:

·    Les adjectifs video: Watch a video that describes the rules of formulating adjectives