Gr 4 Bonne Collation!

Bonne collation, bonne nutrition!

In this unit, we are exploring the topic of snacks and nutritious food.

Vocabulary includes:

·    une collation (a snack)

·    les croustilles (chips)

·    le yogourt (yogurt)

·    les biscuits (cookies)

·    les bonbons (candies)

·    les beignes (doughnuts)

·    les fruits (fruits)

·    un pamplemousse (a grapefruit)

·    une pomme (an apple)

·    des raisins (some grapes)

·    les légumes (vegetables)

·    le fromage (cheese)

·    les craquelins (crackers)

·    la crème glacée (ice-cream)

·    un ingrédient (an ingredient)

·    une recette (a recipe)

·    une instruction (an instruction)

·    une adaptation (an adaptation)


·    placer (to place)

·    couper (to cut)

·    ajouter (to add)

·    mélanger (to mix)

·    étaler (to spread)

·    manger (to eat)

Questions & Phrases include:

·    Quelle collation est-ce que tu préfères? (Which snack do you like/prefer?)

·    Je préfère... (le/la/les +snack) - I prefer

·    Il préfère... (le/la/les +snack) - He prefers

·    Elle préfère... (le/la/les +snack)- She prefers


·    Qu'est-ce que je mange quand j'ai faim? (What do I eat when I'm hungry?)

·    Je mange... (I eat)

·    J'ai faim. (I'm hungry.)

·    C'est nutritif. (This is nutritious.)

·    Ce n'est pas nutritif. (This is not nutritious.)



Click on the links below for a variety of on-line resources:


1. Millionaire : Play millionaire by answering questions about food and drinks

2. Hangman: Use food and drink vocabulary to play hangman

3. Battleship: Use fruits and vegetable vocabulary to play battleship

4. Digital Dialects: Listen to the French word and match the correct picture (choose "food" vocabulary) 

5. Paires-Eclairs : Fun, matching game- click on "les fruits" or "les légumes"


1. Picture Dictionary 1: Learn more food vocabulary and listen to the pronunciation (part 1)

2. Picture Dictionary 2: Learn more food vocabulary and listen to the pronunciation (part 2)

3. Videos: Watch three videos on French cooking

4. Conversation: Watch a video on a conversation on lunch and picnic


·    Songs : Listen and view videos of French songs and rhymes for kids

Oral Resources:

·    Listen to Anything you want! : Type in any French words or phrases, and listen to how it's pronounced by several French speakers.