Gr 4 Découvrons notre école

Découvrons notre école

Common Expressions:

Bonjour - Hello

Au revoir - Goodbye

Salut - Hi/ Bye (informal)

Oui - Yes

Non - No

Merci - Thank you

s'il vous plaît - please

Je m'appelle ________ - My name is _________

Comment t'appelles-tu? - What is your name?

Comment ça va? - How are you?

Ça va bien - Fine

Ça va mal - Not good

Comme ci, comme ça - So-so

Qu'est-ce que c'est? - What is it?

C'est _____. - It is _____.

Il y a ______. - There is/ There are _________.

Voici ______. - Here is ________.

Est-ce que je peux aller aux toilettes? - May I go to the washroom?

Est-ce que je peux aller à la fontaine? - May I go to the water fountain?

Comment dit-on ______ en français? - How do we say ______ in French?

Places in School:

une école - a school

la salle de classe - the classroom

la bibliothèque - the library

le gymnase - the gymnasium

le bureau - the office

la cour - the yard

la fontaine - the water fountain

la salle des professeurs - the staff room

la cafétéria - the cafeteria

les toilettes - the washroom

le corridor - the hall

School Objects:

un pupitre - a student desk

une chaise - a chair

une fenêtre - a window

une porte- a door

un tableau - a blackboard

un bureau - a teacher desk

un ordinateur - a computer

un livre - a book

un cahier - a workbook

un stylo - a pen

un crayon - a pencil

une gomme - an eraser

des ciseaux - scissors

une règle - a ruler



Paires-Eclairs - Play a matching game to practice school object vocabulary

Digital Dialects - Listen and practice basic greetings and vocabulary by playing this visual-audio game

Millionaire - Win by using your math skills and knowing your French numbers from 1 to 20

Concentration - A memory game using school objects vocabulary. One to two players





Use the following links to help you learn basic vocabulary and expressions:

French Alphabet Rap - View this video of the Alphabet Rap in French! 

French Alphabet Spelling Song - View this video and sing along the alphabet and spelling the days of the week.

Les sept jours de la semaine:  View this video and sing along to learn how to say the seven days of the week in French

Number Song Video - Listen and sing the numbers in French from one to ten 

Numbers with Lion King - Short video of Lion King counting in French!

Greetings - Short video to learn basic expressions when greeting and meeting people

Se présenter - Short video of a simple conversation when meeting new people