Gr 6 Fêtons l'hiver

Fêtons l'hiver!

In this unit, our class will learn about winter festivals in Canada and around the world. Activities may include singing and listening to winter carnival songs, making ice sculptures, making masks,making crêpes, inventing and participating in races and relays, and creating publicity posters.  By the end of the unit, students should be able to describe some activities of a winter carnival in French. 



- fantastique (fantastic)

- bien fait (well done)

- traditionnelle (traditional)

- immense (huge)

- originale (original; imaginative)

- vivante (lively)

- comique (funny)

- délicate (delicate; fragile)

- détaillée (detailed; intricate)

- artistique (artistic)

- beau (beautiful)

- intéressant (interesting)

- bizarre (weird)

- unique (unique)

- effrayant (scary)

- grotesque (ugly)

- coloré (colourful)

Useful phrases:

- On peut ____________. (We can...)

- J'aime le _______ parce qu'il est ________. ( I like.... because it is.... )

- J'aime la _______ parce qu'elle est ________.

- Je préfère ______ car c'est ________. ( I like/prefer... for it is...)

Linking words:

- parce que (because)

- car (because/ for)

- donc (therefore)

- et (and)

- mais (but)

Websites & Videos:

 CBC video stories - Learn more about the Winter Carnaval in Quebec by watching CBC videos or listening to the radio

Carnaval de Québec - visit the official site about the Winter Carnaval in Quebec

Video on Carnaval - Watch a short video showing the activities in the Winter Carnaval

Carnaval Games - Discover some on-line games and activities with Bonhomme

Making crepes - Learn how to make crepes in a simple way!