Gr 8 Vagabonds de l'espace

Vagabonds de l'espace

This unit presents the fictional story of aliens and planets.

Summative Task Success Criteria:

- include at least 10 phrases/ sentences

- use verbs conjugated in the past, present, or future tense

- correct spelling and grammar

- use adjectives

- use negation (ne... pas de)

- use vocabulary in the unit

- demonstrate understanding of the story's characters and setting


Click on the links below for a variety of on-line resources:


Click on the link below for a list of vocabulary for each unit (opens with Microsoft Word).

·     Fêtes et Mardi gras

·     Vagabonds de l'espace

Les adjectifs:

·    Les adjectifs video: Watch a video that describes the rules of formulating adjectives

·     Les adjectifs: Read about the rules to formulating adjectives

Les adjectifs examples: Read and listen to various examples