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Au cinéma

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Click on the Gaumont Champs-Elysées website.

Complete the questions below (on your worksheet)


Today you will visit a website to view this week's movie listings at the Gaumont Champs-Elysées movie theater in Paris

Using the information on this page and your knowledge of American movie listings, answer the following questions in English.


1. What are the names of two non-American movies that are in theaters this week?

2. Look at the first movie listed. What is the title?

    At what times is it being shown? Give these times in non-official time (am/pm).

3. In case you get homesick, are any American movies showing? At what times could you see an American movie on Sunday? (Choose only one movie.)

4. Are there any American movies that you recognize whose titles are written in French?

     What are they?

5. Why might it be important to give movie times in official time?

6. VF and VO are abbreviations that tell whether a movie is being shown in version française (in French or with French dubbing) or version originale (in the original language with French subtitles).

           Which movies are being shown in version française?

           In version originale?

7. Which format (VF or VO) would you prefer if you were spending some time in France? Why?