Family Projects :)


“All About ME Posters”

Dear Parents and Guardians,


Below is a description of your child’s first project.  The first project will be an “ALL ABOUT ME” poster.  This is a family project.  Please assist your child in completing this assignment.  It should be a fun activity and will allow for family time.  Each week a student of the week will be chosen and at that time he/she will present their poster.  We thank you in advance for your cooperation. 


Have fun!


Second Grade Team

Ms. Berrios

Ms. Galvez


DUE DATE: Thursday September  22, 2011



Create an “ALL ABOUT ME” poster – using poster board

Put on your artist thinking caps and have FUN!



Picture of yourself & anyone else you choose

Favorite things to do

Most exciting vacation or adventure you have had

Family Members


Favorite foods, book, sport, etc…