Special Events :)

Dear Families and Students of Room 207,


We in second grade look forward to helping your child celebrate special days.  

Birthdays are wonderful to celebrate!  We want to make sure that everyone feels special on such an important day!  

smiley Recently an allergy form was sent home regarding your child.  As soon as Jahn has that completed form on file, edible treats can be sent. Thank you for your help in keeping all of our students safe. smiley

If you wish to send a special treat to celebrate please be sure to choose ONE of the options below:

Send individually wrapped treats that can be eaten at school or easy to take home.
Send goodie bags that can be sent home.
Send a small gift such as a pencil, eraser etc. in place of an edible treat.
Due to time constraints, we ask that you please DO NOT send the following:
Sheet cake
Ice Cream
Please be aware that there may be PEANUT ALLERGIES.  In order to be safe please…NO PEANUTS OR ANYTHING CONTAINING PEANUT OIL.   Be sure all items have an ingredients list, otherwise we will not be able to serve them.