4th Six Weeks

 1. Grand Army of the Republic32. Haymarket Riot 
 2. the "bloody shirt"33. American Federation of Labor
 3. Tweed Ring34. Settlement House
 4. Credit Mobilier35. new immigration
 5. Whiskey Ring36. American Protective Association
 6. Compromise of 187737. Chautauqua
 7. Stalwart38. Morrill Act
 8. Half-Breed39. Comstock Law
 9. Pendleton Act40. Women's Christian Temperance
 10. Mugwamps41. Eighteenth Amendment
 11. "Crime of '73"42. muckrakers
 12. Bland-Allison Act43. Sierra Club
 13. Greenback Labor Party44. Yosemite National Park
 14. People's Party (Populists)45. Ballinger-Pinchot Affair
 15. Sherman Silver Purchase Act   46. Seventeenth Amendment
 16. crop-lien system47. Elkins Act
 17. Populism48. Hepburn Act
 18. grandfather clause49. Northern Securities Act
 19. Plessy v. Ferguson50. Muller v. Oregon
 20. Chinese Exclusion Act51. Lochner v. New York
 21. "Billion Dollar Congress"52. Triangle Shirtwaist Fire
 22. McKinley Tariff53. Meat Inspection Act
 23. stock watering54. Pure Food and Drug Act
 24. trust55. Newlands Act
 25. Union Pacific Railroad56. Underwood Tariff Bill
 26. Central Pacific Railroad57. Federal Reserve Act
 27. Grange58. Federal Trade Commission Act
 28. Wabash Case59. Clayton Anti-trust Act
 29. Bessemer Process60. Federal Farm Loan Act
 30. Social Darwinism61. Seaman's Act
 31. Gospel of Wealth62. Workingmen's Compensation Act