AP Exam

2010 United States History AP ExamExam Review Sessions AP UNITED STATES HISTORY EXAMFriday, May 7, 8:00 AM  The calendar for this spring’s AP Exam review sessions is attached. Tutorials will take place two days a week for 12 weeks. You are strongly encouraged to attend tutorials if you are planning to take the AP Exam. If you attend 12 hours of review “tutorials” you will receive a discounted exam price. You must attend all 12 hours in order to take advantage of this offer – 11 hours is NOT enough!! You must bring the following to each review tutorial:·         paper and pen/pencil to take notes (a “review” spiral would be a good idea!)·         information that was given in class over each topic (bring your class folder from each 6 weeks)·         your Preparing for the AP Exam study book (if you bought one)·         any additional materials, readings, or ‘homework’ that was assigned for the session We will focus on the writing portion of the exam during the first two weeks of review sessions. DO NOT MISS THESE DAYS! The essays make up half of your total score, and this is something that many of you have told me you need additional help with.  You should be studying and reviewing regularly for the AP Exam beginning NOW! You will not do well if you wait to “cram” right before the exam. Your goal should be to make at least a 4 on the exam – this will take hard work and dedication. So study hard and study often!