About MMOGO WoW Classic

Exactly, which is why carrying a patchwerk stand and dps struggle is a horrible idea for attempting to calculate average dps for a class at the Naxx grade, wouldnt you agree? Bosses arent target dummies. It is possible to check for all courses in parses of clears if you want to actually see a classes average dps for Naxx 40. However, this video is a poor case. Imagine someone telling you that your Fury warriors dps was crap as they're taking a Patchwerk Parse and comparing it to a Heigan fight on your fury warrior in which you have a great deal of forced time OFF of the boss throughout the dancing of buy cheap wow classic gold .... That is what this video is performing. No Hunters going to have this uptime and scenario in most of Naxx boss struggles.

The more I hear Teathyme talk the more confident I become that he's a Cata-Kid. He makes excuses of"I don't have time for that" for everything Melderon appears to ask; to which I kept hoping to get a response of"Then, it's no longer the match for you". This mindset appears to be that of most modern WoW player that looks at WoW Classic.Teathyme also has an elitist mindset for the majority of the video begging to see or know Melderon's points outright in addition to speaking down to all the values WoW Classic represents.On that the subject of this WoW Token - I don't believe Teathyme comprehends that the WoW Classic and contemporary accounts are connected and therefor he could play modern WoW to buy and promote the tokens and it'll apply to both matches. WoW Classic is not contemporary WoW because it was designed for a different group of people and it should not be.

Isn't the case that is likely that there'll be one subscription fee for WoW Classic that individuals who vanilla will try retail and vice versa and the two retail. In which case couldn't you farm for a wow token in retail to pay for the subscription. So that I might not understand 10, I just played vanilla. However, my point is maintain the wow and I am fine if you use it to pay for vanilla subs. Continue the in game transaction from vanilla of it. Easy. While I may not agree with all of Tea Thymes remarks... I really like hearing other gamers thoughts that are going to be playing WoW Classic!! There's no need to shut this guy down and his opinions, or anybody for that matter. Most of the suggestions coming out of the community members are going to be pretty ludicrous anyways and anything we say truly is not likely to influence the results of WoW Classic. I believe these kinds of talks are healthful for your WoW Classic community and breaks down the gate-keeping issue in regards to Vanilla. Thanks for putting this together Defcamp!?

I am in agreement here as far as no Tokens. I am excited about playing a sport where people have to work hard and earn their gear and their esteem on the machine, not buy it.tokens at WoW Classic won't occur, its a very uneducated issue to pressume, Blizzard need money, yes... that is why they won't add it. No one is going to be subbed for WoW Classic if there are tokens, literally destroying the market will only make everybody crawl back into private servers. The best business strategy is always to create the game true, which is ALL they've said they're doing.

Tokens allow u to pay for the sub right if I'm not confused? That would mean that buying the token for WoW Classic Gold in retail would provide u the sub at no cost, hence allowing u play for free. That does require 1 to play with retail however, but since the WoW Classic will be a part of the normal sub, then u may play with games. I also belive that those that want the blossom in WoW Classic are just like other WoW Classic Goldbuyers, but they want a safer enviroment to purchase their wow classic gold .Adding a wow token will devalue WoW Classic Gold. Earning WoW Classic Gold is part of the game, becoming your epic mount is a huge accomplishment and adding a way to pay with real life money will completely trivialize that.