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Week of May 6-10th


***General announcements/news/assignments for everyone!***


Students, if you don't have a novel to read, please access myon or mackinvia through the CCSD portal. Then, go through clever to find these two online reading apps. 


End of Year 
StateTesting Dates


Tuesday 5/14 - SC Ready - Writing

Wednesday 5/15 - SC Ready - ELA 

Thursday 5/16 - SC READY - Math

Tuesday 5/21 - SC Pass


All Classes need to write a claim to the following TDA prompt and passage, "The Body Clock" we read and discussed in class today:


The passage discussed how the body regulates its internal clock. Write an essay analyzing the importance of the body's clock to people's everyday lives. Use evidence from the passage to supporte your response. 


This week we are reviewing TDA Formats/rubrics, analyzing student samples, and writing one more of our own. Please read daily. 



"The Pod" (short story)





We will finish the graphic organizer with a partner in class tomorrow. 

Stems 1-8 Quizlet



Text Structure Flocabulary














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Word Within the Word

Lists 1-10

List One:

ante - before

anti - against

bi - two

circum - around

com -together

con -together

de -down

dis -away

equi - equal

extra -beyond

inter -between

intra -within


List Two:

intro - into

mal - bad

mis - bad

non – not

post – after

pre – before

semi – half

sub – under

super – over

syn – together

sym – together

tri – three

un – not


List Three:

archy – government                      

ard – always

cide – kill

ician – specialist

itis – infection

aqua – water

audi – hear

bell – war

cap – take

cise – cut

bio – life

auto – self


List Four:

port – carry

scrib – write

logy – science

dict – say

cred – belief

cent – one hundred

neo – new

ad – to

cede – go

miss – send

centri – center

biblio – book

anthropo – man


List Five:

homo- same

spec- look

duct- lead

fer- carry

pend- hang

micro- small

hydro- water
photo- light

pan- all

penta- five

tele- far

vid- look


List Six:

omni- all





pseudo- false


tomy- cut

hema- blood






List Seven

morph- change

vest-  clothes

bene- good

pond- weight

corp- body

dorm- sleep

pater- father

nov- new

punct- point

ject- throw

tion- act or state

loco- place

dox- opinion


List Eight

amphi- both

magn- great

eu- good

endo- within

phobia- fear

ortho- straight

put- think

ver- true

matri- mother

mega- large

pop- people