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Welcome to Mr. Mullin's guide to BETTER WRITING!

              Throughout the year and your scholastic career, being able to write well will be essential to your success as a student. This page is designed to provide you with tools that will help you become a better writer. I encourage all of my students to use this webpage as a guide and utilize it as much as you can. Enjoy!


The first two sites I am providing you with are for assistance in proper grammar.


The first one is to help you understand the parts of speech and how to use them when writing.

This next link below is great because it has frequently asked quetions pertaining to grammar. It has a lot of stuff so if you are confused about anything when you are not in class, then this site is great help.


The second two sites that will be posted below are for assistance with your punctuation.


This first site for you to check out on punctuation will tell you exactly what every punctuation mark means.

The second website gives more great information for understanding when and how to use puncuation marks.



Learning to grow as a writer means having your vocabulary grow as well. These next two websites I am providing you with is going to be a guide for improving your vocabulary.

The first site below is to help you come up with better words to articulate ideas when writing. Simply type the word you want in place of another word and scroll to the middle of the page and you'll see the synonyms and antonyms. Reminder: Don't do this for every word in you writing because sometimes you will not learn the words you are using.

This second site is simply a dictionary. Use this for words that challenge when researching or reading a text you will write about. It also gives you the oppurtunity to learn new words to include to your EXPANDING vocabulary. Use this site just as you would use the thesaurus link.

Using this website correctly will give you the help that I cannot give when we are not in class together. Please utilize the resources I am providing you with because when there are writing assingments for class, I am expecting to see your writing skill progress in all three areas. GOOD LUCK, HAVE FUN, AND REMEMBER THAT WRITING IS NOT SUCH A BAD THING!