Language Arts / Reading California Friendly Standards


    Language Arts / Reading Standards   

The student will…

  • Use long and short vowels
  • Identify parts of a book
  • Note details in a story
  • Choose the best title
  • Alphabetize to the first letter
  • Identify before/after
  • Identify noun, verbs, adjectives
  • Identify compound words
  • Identify contractions
  • Listen and follow directions
  • Compare and contrast stories
  • Identify rhyming words/sounds
  • Identify story elements (plot, setting, problem and solution)
  • Identify beginning, middle and end of stories
  • Comprehend reading material at grade level
  • Express ideas orally
  • Demonstrate good listening behavior
  • Identify and read basic sight words and vocabulary words
  • Demonstrate mastery of letters
  • Use sound/symbol relationships
  • Retell, dramatize, or dictate a story
  • Demonstrate an awareness of classroom reference materials
  • Explain the difference between fiction and non-fiction stories
  • Read with fluency grade appropriate passages