Class Handbook

Class Handbook

Information  You Need to know

Supplies: It is my policy to collect all supplies at the beginning of the year. These supplies will be distributed to students as needed. Students will be required to send paper, pencils, hand sanitizer, and tissues each nine weeks.

Organization: Organization is extremely important to your child's success. I know that this is an area that many students struggle in. All students have a homework or takehome folder. Please check these folders and thier agendas daily! All homework/notes should be placed in this folder and come back in this folder.

Agenda (Assignment Book) - Each student is responsible for keeping up with their agendas and writing down their homework assignments daily.  This agenda will also serve as a communication tool between parents/guardians and the teacher. Students are responsible for making sure that a parent/guardian signs their agenda every night. Please review agendas and work each evening.

Homework- Students will have homework every night except Friday  most weeks!  Students will typically have reading and math every night. They may, however be assigned homework in any subject. Please check their agenda.  Any work not completed in class is also considered homework. Homework is intended to reinforce and practice skills that students will need the next day in class! Homework will be checked off in student's notebook and reviewed/corrected in class or picked up and graded by teacher.

Grade Reports - Students will receive progress reports every week  in their Tuesday folders and an official progress report at the mid-nine weeks point.

Absences/Tardies - Whenever a student is absent, he/she is required to bring an excuse immediately upon their return to school, no later than the third day of return. In addition, students are to arrive in plenty of time so that they may  be in their seats  before 8:01 a.m. Students who are not in the classroom by 8:01 a.m. will be marked tardy. Please note that excessive tardies/absences will be referred to the attendance officer and may result in serious consequences. In addition, it is the student's responsibility to get his/her make up work which will be left on his/her desk and make sure it is turned in to the "to be graded" basket.

Conduct- I feel that a student's behavior is a vital part of the learning process. My goal is to foster learning and to help prepare students for their futures. Students can not learn and teachers can not teach in an atmosphere of misconduct. In our classroom  students can expect an environment of order, structure, and consistency. Please help me in supporting  this policy. I look forward to expanding your child's academic horizon. Teaching is my passion and your child's success if my priority! Attached is a copy of my rules, basic procedures, and consequences. Please review them with your child.

Rules, Consequences, and Basic Procedures


1. Show respect at all times to all people!
2. Have all appropriate materials/ assignments at your table and be seated by 8:05.
3. Show listening when someone is speaking.
4. Speak only when given permission and  in an appropriate tone and volume.
5. Do not get out of your seat with out permission.


Consequences (Positive and Negative)
Positive:                                                                           Negative:
The joy of learning                                                            First Time: Warning/ Time out if needed
Praise and/or Tickets                                                       Second Time: Silent lunch/no free play
Positive notes/calls home                                                 Third Time :  Sit out of Unified Arts, with academic assignment
Whole Class Enrichment Time                                           Fourth Time:  Phone call/note to parent/guardian.
Shopping (using tickets)                                                    Fifth Time or Severe Disruption: Principal Discipline Form

Using the Restroom or Getting a Drink

You will be taken to the restroom twice a day, once in the morning and once after lunch. You may get water at this time. You will not be permitted to leave the room to get water or use the restroom except at the times specified. Exceptions will be made with a doctor's note.

How to format your assignments

All papers should be formatted the exact same way. Please follow the directions on the poster in the room if you forget.

What to do if someone is bothering you

1. Ask them politely to stop

2. Ask them again, and explain politely why you would like them to stop. Use “I” statements. (For example, “I can’t concentrate when you are tapping your pencil on your desk” is better than “Will you stop that please!”

3. If it continues, tell the teacher.

*** If it is serious, such as hitting, kicking, pushing, or threatening, tell the teacher immediately.

How to act in the hallway

* Keep your body to yourself—off of other students and off the walls.

* Keep your hands by your side, in your pockets, or behind your back.

* Walk in a single file line.* Stay to the right side of the hallway.* Things that aren’t yours
Don’t touch things that aren’t yours without permission—whether it belongs to the school, the teacher, or another student. Exception: you are perfectly welcome to pick up something off the floor, such as a pencil, if you are returning it to the person who dropped it.
Keeping your desk neat
You should try to keep your desk neat and clean at all times. This will help you find things when you are looking for them and will keep your desk from becoming a nuclear waste zone. Here are a few suggestions:

1. Keep all of your papers in your folder. Don’t stuff papers randomly into your desk.

2. Place all materials where they belong.

3. At the end of the day, take a few seconds to make sure your desk is arranged neatly. A little work each day will keep it from becoming an unmanageable mess.


Say “please” and “thank you” as much as you possibly can! Even if you are making a simple request, a “please” will make the other person feel better. ANYTIME someone does something for you, you should say, “thank you.” In the whole history of the world, I don’t think anyone has ever said, “That guy drives me nuts; he says “thank you” waaaaay too much!” 

Be aware of your tone of voice. Often HOW you say something is just as important, or even more important, than WHAT you say. The nicest words in the world will count for nothing if you use a sarcastic or insincere tone of voice.

If you are sick or hurt
Tell me immediately and I will do what I can to help you. If you feel like you are going to throw up, you have permission to leave the room quickly and go to the restroom. You don’t need to ask.
We will practice fire drills and tornado drills. Please take these very seriously and cooperate fully. We practice these things so you will be safe, in the very unlikely event that something should happen.
Have a great year! Work hard! Play hard!