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  Reading:  We will use the Wonders reading series this year in second grade.  The reading skills are very important in second grade.  The students will learn to visualize, identify plot and sequence, identify main ideas and details, and of course improve their oral fluency.  

English:  We will follow the grammar that goes along with the reading series.  The students will have frequent tests and various pop quizzes.  The more practice the students get with a skill the more chance it will go into their long term memory. 

Spelling:  We will have a spelling test every week in second grade.  The spelling words will follow phonetic rules.  This means the students will NOT get a list of words to memorize.  Instead they will be learning and applying the rule each week.    

Vocabulary:  Vocabulary development is very important in reading and language arts.   The students will keep a vocabulary section in their Reading Notebook so they can review them every night.  There will be a vocabulary test every Friday.  The students will study the vocabulary that is found in the story for the week.   

Writing:  The students use the steps of the writing process (prewriting, drafting, revising, editing & publishing) to create poems, stories, narratives, etc. 

 Math: Students will continue to strengthen number computation skills and move toward more challenging concepts such as simple fractions and word problems.