My Contribution To The Profession

My Contribution To The Profession


Class Dojo         

Class Dojo is a great way to stay in constant communication with parents. The parents can ask questions about assignments or how their child is doing by sending a message, which you can set up to come through on your phone like a text message. The teacher can post assignments, share videos, post highlights from the day, or do a classroom blog.

Teachers Pay Teachers                 

This is a great site where any teacher can post and sell their ideas/activities that they have created. There are also some free activities on the site. The resources on here are endless and so helpful.

News 2 You                                         

News 2 You is part of Unique Learning Systems, which is an amazing curriculum created for students in moderate/severe classes. It gives you up to date information on what is going on in the world, but modified to meet the educational needs of students with moderate/severe disabilities.