About Me

Greetings Wildcat Parents,

I, Mrs. Manuel, am one of this year’s 8th Grade Language Arts Instructors at Carver Middle School (CMS). As a CMS teacher I will always promise to provide all students with a strong and reliable education. Thus, in this letter I have attached some information on the approach that I will be using to guide the students in reaching their 8th grade goals and objectives for this class; homework policies, classwork and grades; teacher contact information; hours of availability for parent-teacher conferences or phone calls and additional information that will help your child to achieve in this class.

I am a native Tulsan who attended Carver Middle School and later completed high school from Booker T. Washington; nonetheless, I am very intrigued about returning home to the Wildcat Family to give back to a place that provided me with many unique educational opportunities. My hopes and dreams are to share that same experience with all of star students at Carver. In addition, I am coming to Carver with more than 5 years as a classroom teacher and 10 years of Educational Consulting. I received my Bachelor’s degree in English Literature from a private institution in Arkansas and currently completing my Masters Degree in Secondary Education from Eastern Michigan University. My philosophy in education is heavily influenced by a great educator, Marva Collins, who stated that “there is a brilliant child locked in every student” and I strongly believe that your child is that brilliant one; therefore, I will need your help in making sure that we unlock that potential brilliance by mastering the skills of MYP/Pre-AP Language Arts.

I have an open door policy for those students who need extra help (students can schedule a morning meeting with me and confirm time the day before). Attached to this letter is the syllabus and student information form that must be completed and signed. The purpose of signing is to acknowledge you have read and received a copy of this information and reviewed it with your child. Also, our new Classroom Theme is “STAR Literature in Hollywood Carver.” 


Again, I am delighted to work with each family and their brightest child STAR on this school year.



Mrs. Traci D. Manuel


"The best way to predict your future is to create it."  - Abraham Lincoln

Have Fun!