The O'Brien Chronicles 2009/10

 The O'Brien Chronicles

Students take turns being a reporter for Miss O'Brien's class. Designated reporters make an outline of the different activities that occur during the school day. Students are encouraged to use time ordered words while describing the outcome of the day. Reporting live from Miss O'Brien's 5th grade classroom!                                  



October 27, 2009

Hi, this is Bernadette the first reporter for the O’Brien Chronicles. Today when we got to school our seats were switched! We started the morning with a grammar worksheet on common and proper nouns, while Jacqueline checked our homework. We then went onto Religion. We learned about different names for God. We switched classrooms for Social Studies with Miss Henderson. Surprise! We had a pop quiz. We returned back to 5A for a Science quiz, after the quiz we defined our Science vocabulary words for Lesson 2. We also learned about genes.

Next was gym class, we played football. After exercising we went back to 5A and we defined our vocabulary words for this week’s story, Dear Mr. Henshaw. Then it was time for Math class. I went to Accelerated Math and sat next to Tess, while Ms. O’Brien taught her Math class. Finally, a break from the brain work it was lunch time and indoor recess. After lunch we checked our grammar worksheet. We then went to music class and sang Christmas songs, fa, la, la… and played our recorders. When that was over we talked about “Be a Phantic About Reading” program. The last event for the day was reading this week’s story, Dear Mr. Henshaw. Lastly we packed our book bags and went home!





           First, we started our morning work, while Trevor checked homework.During the middle of that time, we said prayers.After we finished our morning work, we worked on our "scarecrow stories" that we have been working on, while some people colored letters that made a Phillies sign.Then, we listened to the O'Brien chronicle Bernadette wrote yesterday, while Tess and Jacqueline hung up our Trinity poems.Then,we took a grammer quiz.When we were done the quiz,we drew the cover for our stories while we had snack.Then we did a reading practice page.After we finished reading, we started math. People left for accelerated math, so the room became much quieter.Ms. O'Brien taught us her trick for decimals.Then she quizzed us on our flash cards. She said we did really well, so we all got O'Brien bucks (Yay!).During math she also did a random desk check, and said we all had to clean out our desks during indoor recess.We went to lunch and cleaned our deskes out at recess, and when we finished we got to play.

       After recess Ms. O'Brien gave out our math tests that we had to correct for homework.Then, we went to Miss Henderson's room for social studies. When we came back we did science. Then, we had spanish with Mrs. Vechio, but before that we had to pack up because spanish ends 10 minutes before we go home. After spanish we were told to read, so we did. Then, we put our chairs up, said our prayers, and signed out. We got in line and said goodbye to Ms. O'Brien.




First, when we got into school we did a worksheet on common and proper nouns. Then we went to Art class and finished drawing and coloring our saints for All Saints’ Day parade tomorrow. After Art class, we finished our scarecrow stories. Next, the people who were finished their work got to play “Slaps.” Later, we checked our spelling homework on syllables. Afterwards, we checked our sentences for our vocabulary words for the story Dear Mr. Henshaw. Next, we did grammar and learned about singular possessive nouns.

Then it was time for Math, so accelerated Math people left. When they were gone, we learned about estimating decimals. Finally, it was time for lunch. Then, after lunch we switched for Social Studies. Next, we had Science and learned about Punnett Squares. Afterwards, we had Reading. Finally it was time to pack up and go home.




November 2, 2009 

Hi, I’m Trevor and I’m the fourth student to write the O’Brien Chronicles. Our first assignment of the morning was Language Arts. We did a worksheet on Singular Possessive Nouns. Next we had gym, and we played the game Medic. Then we had Social Studies and wrote notes for Lesson 3. After that we had Science and learned about Genes and wrote down notes. Our next assignment was to write to our Pen Pals in the 6th grade. Finally we did math, and we did Multiplying Decimals by Decimals. It was fun and then my class went to lunch.

After playing kickball we went back to class. The first thing we did was Religion. We talked about Soul Cakes and used munchkins from Dunkin Donuts as Soul Cakes. We gave them out to all of the teachers and prayed for their loved one's who have died. Then our class went to computers, and we did Weaver Instructional. After that we did Language Arts, checked our worksheets from the morning, and then we did Plural Possessive Nouns. Finally we wrote down our homework and worked on our Religion stained glass pictures then we went home.