The O'Brien Chronicles 2 2009/10



Hi, I am Hayden, the fifth writer for the O’ Brien Chronicles. When we walked into are classroom we had to sign in on our check in sheet. After we signed in, we had to go to our desk to unpack. Once we had unpacked we worked on a plural possessive nouns worksheet. Then it was time for religion. Instead of reading in our religion books we took notes in our copy books. Next we got ready for social studies. In social studies we played a quiz game to help us study for our test tomorrow.

About forty-five minutes later we had science, my favorite subject. We talked about genes, and we had to do four questions. After that we took our math quiz. At 12:00 it was time for lunch, for lunch I had a rib-e–cue sandwich on a bun. At recess I played mini kickball. After recess we came back to class and worked on the next two pages of spelling. Afterwards we had to get ready for music class, in music class we sang Christmas songs and played are recorders. When music was over it was time for reading. In reading I had to go to trailer with three of my classmates. After reading we came back to class everybody else was checking there plural possessive nouns worksheet, as we were coping our homework. Then we said prayers and had to leave to go home.




Hi, this is Gabrielle reporting from Ms.O'Brien's fifth grade classroom!!!!

First the bell rang. All of the students filed into the school. After all of the fifth graders got in, we greeted Ms. O'Brien and started our morning work. When this was almost completed, the television turned on. It was time for prayers. After prayers we had art. Mrs. Y, our art teacher came to our classroom this week. In art we drew self portraits. After art we checked our grammer homework. The people who wrote the sentence in their notebooks got an '' O'Brien Buck." While checking our homework some of us went up to the board to write an answer. I was one of them.

Next our teacher announced we would be having a pop quiz. The quiz was on nouns. When we were finished, we checked our language arts homework. One page was on vocabulary and the other was on reading comprehension. When that was checked we did a page in our workbook and read the article '' Time For Kids''. We worked with our four o'clock partners. My partner was Jake. When we were done, we had snack. I took a pretzel from Meaghan. After snack we did spelling. During spelling, we read two stories. Steven read his, and Elise read hers. After spelling we did '' Turkey Stories ''. After the turkeys we had math. I'm in accelorated math so I went to a different classroom. Towards the end of the day we packed up our things and went home. That was an '' O' Brien Chronicle ''!!!!!




Hi my name is Ryan and I’m the O’Brien Chronicle writer for November 6, 2009. Today we started the day by unpacking our backpacks. Then for our morning work we did a crossword puzzle and made a Thanksgiving card for the Social Action Committee. Next we finished up all of our unfinished projects. After that we learned abbreviations and compound words in Grammar. When that lesson was over, we played Slaps, a game we always play before our spelling test to review the spelling words of the week. We then took our spelling and reading tests and then we had our snack. After snack, we played Homeworkopoly, a game the students who have completed all of their homework for the week can play. We always play on Fridays and you can win all sorts of prizes. Next it was Math time where we learned Algebra.

Today, we had a guest in the class, Ms. O’Brien’s cousin, Taylor. Finally it was lunch and recess time. Today we had to stay in our classrooms because of the St. Rose annual Christmas Bazaar. After lunch and recess, we did a fun project called the name project. We spelled one of Gods names from our Religion book, in a mirror image. Now it was time for our class to visit the bazaar to do some shopping for Christmas gifts. This is always a fun day for us!! After that we came back to our classroom where we finished our name project. Finally, it was time to pack up and go home. Hopefully you enjoyed reading a day in 5A’s classroom!!




        In the morning, the class did Dolphin book pages, and then the students finished their Name Project. Olivia Vogel checked homework. We did Religion, then Social Studies and then Science. After Science, we took a break for a snack. Then we went to Gym. When Gym was over, we did Spelling and Math. At lunch some students had a special treat, because they won lunch with Ms. O'Brien. After lunch, the students who didn't finish their Name Projects had 15 minutes to finish them. We had Music at 1:30. After Music we had Language Arts.

Nicholas B.


Hi, my name is Nick. I am your reporter today. We all started with handwriting and next we are taking our Grammar test on nouns. After we took our Grammar test we started writing our rough draft of our turkey story. Our turkey story is a story where we give turkeys human qualities. Next we did surveying inherited traits. We split into our lab partners who where Ryan, Tess, Steven and Caroline. After that we took a snack break. Next we went to Social Studies and learned about globation, communication and transportation. After that we did Math and we are learning how to solve equations. Then we received all of our tests back. We went to lunch and then indoor recess. Next we did our Veteran’s monument where we honored anyone who served in the military. After that we started to work on our turkey stories some more. Then we had to read and get packed up. Ryan and I checked each others stories for corrections. Finally, in Spanish we learned about time and then packed up and left another fun day in Ms. O’Brien’s class. That’s all for now! 




Hello. My name is Christian. I am 5th grader, and I am reporting to you on November 12th from the O'Brien Chronicles. Today we started off by finishing any unfinished work such as any handwriting pages, our Veterans' day drawing, our turkey story, and then we had to read until prayers came on. After prayers, we went down to Art. In Art we watched videos of this guy drawing a human face and eyes. After Art was over, we did a really fun coloring project to hang on our bulletin board. We had to decide if we wanted to make a Camden Cathloic or a P.V.I football turkey. In our class room we have a smart board which means that we have to share it with other class rooms. So we had to switch class rooms with one of the 6th grade classes. In the 6th grade class room we checked our spelling ,reading,and then a packet that was supposed to prepare for the test. Ms. O'Brien is a great and fun teacher because she teaches us WELL and we play games such as slaps and speed ball. She let us play a quick game of slaps. It was math time so the people that go to accelerated math went downstairs. I stayed in Ms. O'Brien's room to learn and review math. We just reviewed from what we learned yesterday, because it was very hard for some people. A half an hour later some people went to another teacher to learn math in the trailer. We did a couple questions on the chalkboard. Then we switched back to our class room so we grabbed our things and walked back to our class room. Ms. O'Brien asked us some multiplication flash cards quickly because we had to go down to the cafeteria soon.

Finally the bell rang and we said prayers. I went to my table with Jake, Nick, Adam, Andrew, Dylan, Kyle, and Nathan. After lunch we went back to our class room because it was raining which meant that we had indoor recess. Outdoor recess is more fun then indoor recess. During indoor recess I worked on my football turkey. I did P.V.I., even though I like Bishop Eustace better. After that we switched classrooms because Ms. O'Brien doesn't teach social studies, she teaches science instead. The other teacher that teaches social studies wasn't there so we had a subsitute teacher teach us how to read a road map. Next we took our science quiz . Once we had finished our quiz we worked on our study guide to prepare us for the test coming up. Ms. O'Brien wanted our answers to be correct, so we checked it. When that was over we took our reading test. Finally we packed our bags, said prayers, and went home. What a day.




Hi, I'm Steven, the eleventh reporter for the O'Brien Chronicles. First, we came into the classroom and signed in. Then we went to Gym class and played Three Step and Speedball. Then we came back to 5A and did our Spelling. Next we went to Social Studies where Miss Henderson had a review for our test on Wednesday. We returned to 5A for Science and played Science Softball. After that, we had a math quiz. 

Next, it was time for lunch, which is my favorite part of the day. After lunch, we went to the library and typed our turkey stories. Next, we did Grammar and learned about action verbs. Then we looked up definitions of our vocabulary words for Reading. Finally, it was time to pack up and go home. 


Olivia V.


Good morning! My name is Olivia and I am reporting for the "O'Brien Chronicles" today. At 8:25 a.m., the morning bell rang. As we were all going to our classroom, Mrs. McCormick and I said hello to each other. I went to Miss O'Brien's desk and checked in. After checking in, I went to my desk and unpacked my bag. Christian then checked my homework, and I had a "100%." Next, I moved on to start my Section 1 Vocabulary. There were 18 words that I needed to define. Shortly after this, it was time for prayers. Next, Miss O'Brien taught our class about Immaculee. She survived during a genocide in Africa. She taught us how to pray the Seven Sorrows of Mary rosary.

Now it was time for Social Studies class; we played a review game to get ready for our test on Chapter 3. Nick B. won the game! After Social Studies, it was time to return to our classroom to take our Science test. After our Science test, it was time for our morning snack. At 10:25 a.m., it was time for 5A to go to gym class, everyone's favorite! In gym, we played speedball which is a cross between football, basketball and soccer. My position was goalie. After gym class, we went back to our classroom and finished our snack. Now it was time for Math. Miss O'Brien's class reviewed our homework and the Accelerated Math students went to their classroom. Wow, the day goes fast; it is already time for lunch. I enjoyed a yogurt, chips, a granola bar and some juice. After lunch, we went to recess. At recess, I played kickball. My team won 10 to 5! After recess, I went in and carried the lunch bins to our classroom. Back in the classroom, we continued on with Reading. We then watched a movie/musical called "Stomp". We all really enjoyed this. Now it is time to pack up our backpacks and go home, or to basketball practice!




Hi, this is Ian the O’Brien Chronicles reporter for today. We started off the day making cards to Mr. Hogan for Principal Appreciation Day. Next we said morning prayers. After prayers, we went to the Smart Board and read some of the O’Brien Chronicles. After that we did a religion page and then we recited the rosary. Now it was time for Grammar. We had a lesson on direct objects. When the lesson was over, we wrote out definitions from the book, TheSign of the Beaver. When we were done, we read a chapter of the book. Now it was time for our Math test. When everyone was finished it was time for lunch and recess.

After lunch, it was back to work. We went to Miss Henderson’s for Social Studies and we had a chapter test. When we were finished, we went back to Miss O’Brien for Science. We paired up with partners and flipped coins as part of our Science lesson. Next, we went to Mrs. Vecchio for Spanish. We learned how to tell time in Spanish. When we got back to Miss O’Brien’s class, it was time to pack up our books and go home.




Hi, my name is Brett, and I am the 13th O’Brien Chronicle writer. First, we came in and unpacked. Then we had to do a Spelling page, page 54 to be exact. Next, we played two games of “Slaps,” and the winners were Trevor and Tess. Then we had to take out our Grammar and learned about “Main and Helping Verbs.” After that, we took our Religion test which I found was easy. Next we did Math and learned about “Division Patterns.” Then we went to lunch and recess it was fun. After lunch, we went to Social Studies. Then, we went to the gym to surprise Mr. Hogan with a “Happy Principal Appreciation Day!” He loved it! Next we went back to our classroom and did our monster projects, my partner was Christian. Then we did our Quiz Time worksheet on the, The Sign of the Beaver book and it was great! Lastly, we wrote down our homework, and said goodbye to Ms.O’Brien.




Hi! I’m Alex, today’s O’Brien Chronicle reporter. Today we started our day with our morning work which was a cross word puzzle about Henry Houdini. After we finished checking our work we finished a quiz on a book called Sign of the Beaver. After everyone was finished taking the quiz we worked on finishing our turkey stories. Mrs. Crowell was even nice enough to let us use some laptops at our desks!! Once everyone was finished their stories, Miss O’Brien let us play slaps, but before we were finished they called us for picture retakes. When we got back to the classroom we finished playing slaps and had to take a break from the fun and games for Math class. When Math class was over we had lunch.

After we came in from recess, we had Praise and Worship, where we practice songs that we will sing in church. Afterwards, some parents came in with a project for the class to do. We made turkeys out of wood spoons, feathers, candy corn, and googly eyes. Soon we had to clean the classroom. Jake decided to use a pass that allowed us to play speed ball. Lastly, it was time to pack up and say goodbye to Miss O’Brien.


Olivia T.


Hi! My name is Olivia T. and I have been picked to be today’s O’Brien Chronicle writer. First, the bell rang and we all walked inside. We taped our Veteran’s Day projects and went into the hall to hang them on the wall. After that, we got two grammar papers and stapled them together to work on them. We had morning prayers and then we went to Gym. In Gym we played Three Step Dodge ball and Capture the Flag. After gym, we looked at Ms. O’Brien’s website where we read Nick’s O’Brien Chronicle and looked at pictures of the class. We had to switch classes and go to Ms. Henderson’s room for Social Studies, because Ms. O’Brien does not teach Social Studies. In Social Studies we worked on our first region, the northeast. Red construction paper was used to cover the states included in the region. When we were done we could start reading Ch.4. After coming back from Social Studies we had Science. In science we finished up our baby monster project. Next, Ms. O’Brien gave back our tests. Then, we had a little extra time so we read more O’Brien Chronicles. Math was the next thing we had. Some people went to accelerated math while others stayed. In Math, not accelerated, we studied for our math quiz tomorrow and did division cards.

Next, we had lunch and recess. Instead of going outside, I stayed with Caroline, Brett, and D.J. to help Mrs. Hartke with music. After music and recess we took our vocab quiz. Then, it was time for Confession. I went to Father Pham while the other students went to Father Byerly. Then we came back and my mom came in to talk about Adopt a Family. Next, we did grammar and learned about Linking Verbs. After another fun and exciting day at Ms. O’Brien’s classroom we packed up, said prayers, and left. BYE!!


Jake D.


  Hi, my name is Jake and I’m the O’Brien Chronicle reporter today. When we got to school we signed in and unpacked. After that we had to hang up our Veterans Day poster. Next we did our morning work; it was grammar textbook page 172, one through twelve. If we finished our work we could read our pen pal letters. Then we went to Social studies, we had to do a packet. When we came back from Social studies it was time for Science. In Science we did our monster projects. Miss O’Brien told us to get with our partners, I was with Caroline. In the middle of our projects, we had to go to gym. In gym we played capture the flag. After gym class, we finished our monster projects. Then we made Kyle Y. a card because his dad passed away. Now it is Math time, and some people had to leave for accelerated Math, we had a quiz. If you finished the quiz early, you could finish Kyle’s card. Next Miss O’Brien did flash cards; Christian went the fastest and received an O’Brien Buck. After that it was time for lunch. I sit with Christian, Nick, Andrew, Nathan, Kyle Y. and Dylan. At recess I played kick ball. After lunch we checked our grammar that we did for morning work. Next it was time for music. After music we took our grammar quiz. Next we had a prayer service in our class for Kyle and his family. Then we played speedball. We packed up, signed out and went home.




Hi, my name is Meaghan. I am the O'Brien Chronicles for today. Today when the bell rang everybody went inside to their classrooms. My class found out that Ms. O'Brien was not here today so we had a sub. Our sub was Sister Ann Burns. We helped her with things like the attendance and the lunch count because she didn't know how to do it. Next, prayers came on the television and we all prayed. Then, we heard the weather and heard about sports. After that we did the Pledge of Allegiance. Next, we had time to finish our Advent word search which was our morning work. Then, it was time for gym. In Gym we all stretched and played three step dodge ball and then speedball. After Gym we took a spelling pre test to help us with our spelling. Soon it was time for social studies. In social studies we learned about places in the Northeast such as the Niagra Falls. Next it was time to leave Social Studies and go to Science. In Science we learned about ecosystems and animals habitats and there niches. Then, Jake showed the class his me board and told us what he likes. Then, we learned about Advent. Advent has four candles on an Advent wreath because of the four weeks in Advent. Next, it was time for Math. I am in accelerated Math so I left. After math was lunch. Lunch is one of my favorite parts of the day.

Next, we had recess. Today was indoor recess because it was raining outside. I didn't go to recess because instead I went to practice recorder for a Christmas show along with a few other kids. Next, we started Religion . After that it was library. In library we went on the computers to practice out vocabulary. We came back and did a crossword puzzle that had to do with titles for Jesus. Later we worked on Grammar and words with contractions such as won't or can't. We finished our learning by reading one chapter of a book called The Sign of the Beaver. Lastly we wrote down our homework and packed up to go home. Even though when Ms. O'Brien is here we have a lot of fun, it was still fun today.


Timmy H.


Hello, my name is Timmy and I’ll be the reporter for the O’Brien Chronicle today. We started our day by walking into the classroom and taking out our homework, which we the class, check ourselves. Next, we began our morning work that included doing a spelling page. When we were finished with spelling, Ms. O’Brian than checked our homework. Since it is the start of Advent, the entire class participated in covering the prayer table. The table was covered with a purple cloth. When we were finished Olivia T. read a reading for the Advent wreath. Olivia V. was the prayer reader for our Advent booklet and Ryan was a reflection reader. Around 9:30 A.M., it was time for Social Studies with Ms. Henderson. The first thing we did in her class was have our notes checked. Our notes were a homework assignment. During class we learned about cross-section diagrams and reservoirs. Before class ended we completed a worksheet to review what we learned.

Afterwards, we went back to Ms. O’Brien's class and had a review for Science. When we finished the review, Ms. O’Brien told us about the workshop she went to and explained to us what she learned. She learned how to set up a project for a novel we are reading. We were given some papers for this project. Next, it was time for gym. We always have fun playing speedball. When we came back from gym class Ms. O’Brien allowed us to play a game of "Slaps." The entire class thinks this game is fun. Tess won the game. After the game was over, Ms. O’Brien taught us a trick for doing our long division problems. Finally, it was time for lunch. I couldn’t wait to go outside and play! When we came back to the classroom we said grace. After we said grace we continued working on our project, until Mrs. Harkey came into the classroom for music. We have been practicing for the Christmas play. The day is now coming tothe end. Ms. O'Brien letus work a little longer on our projects. We worked until it was time to pack our bags. Finally, we said prayers and we went home.


 Jesse S.


          Hi my name is Jesse and I'm your O'Brien Chronicle reporter today. Ring Ring!!! It was time to start school. First we unpacked and got a grammer worksheet. After prayers we had art with Mrs. Y. In Art class we made our last touches on our sketches. Then we went back to our homeroom and researched our vocabulary words with our five o'clock partners. After researching, it was time for Math. We are learning about long divison. Everybody seemed to understand it very well. Next it was time for lunch. After lunch and recess we had Praise and Worship for a half an hour. When we came back it was time to go to Ms. Henderson's class for Social Studies. When Social Studies was over we went to our homeroom to copy down our Science notes. Then we read one chapter of our book The Sign of the Beaver . After reading, it was the end of an extraordinary day so we packed up and went home.




Hi my name is Tess and I am your O’Brien Chronicle writer for December 7, 2009. After we came in and unpacked we had to make a paper snowflake. Once our snowflake was done we had to work on handwriting page 20. Next Ms. O’Brien gathered us around the back table to read about week two of Advent, unfortunately we ran out of time and had to go to Social Studies. At Social Studies we copied down notes about the Northeast region and did a worksheet. After we returned from Social Studies we did Science. We checked our review questions and reviewed a few things for the quiz tomorrow. Next we got to finish learning about week two of Advent. Next Nick, Steven, Alex, and Jacqueline read their Saint report. Afterwards we did our spelling pretest. At 11:10 A.M. Meaghan, Bernadette, Gab, Alex, and I left to go to Accelerated Math while Ms. O’Brien taught her math class. After Math it was time for lunch and recess.

Once we returned from lunch Elise, Timmy, Bridget, Meaghan, Hayden, Ryan, Christian, Trevor, and I read our saint reports. At 1:30 P.M. we went to Library and worked on a Venn-diagram about real and artificial Christmas trees. After Library we learned about verb tenses in Grammar. Later we copied down our homework, packed up, and signed out. Next we discussed what happened in chapter seven of our novel called Sign of the Beaver. After that we read The Sign of the Beaver to end the day.




Hi, my name is Bridget Jermyn and I am your reporter today for the O’Brien Chronicle. First we started the day unpacking and getting our homework out. Jacqueline checked our table's homework. Then we worked on a work sheet on the Immaculate Conception. We next colored paper lights and hung them in the classroom. Nick got an O’Brien buck for clearing his desk when told. Next, we took our Science Quiz and did vocabulary words for lesson 2 in Science. Then we went to Mass and got links for singing loud. We then had snack. Ian shared a piece of his snack and so did Brett. Jacqueline and I traded some of our snack. Next we made a Diamante Poem. After that we had Math. We learned factors and divisibility. Then it was time for lunch and recess.

After lunch it was time for Grammer and Music. In Grammer we learned present and past tense and in Music we did sing and recorders. Then we did a little reading. Lastly we packed up and left Miss O’Brien’s class with smiles on our faces.



December 9, 2009

Hi, my name is Daniel and I am the last O’Brien Chronicle Reporter. The first thing we did when we came into school in the morning was to say prayers and finish our diamante poems. Then I checked homework at my table. It was 9:40 AM when we took our religion quiz. After our religion quiz, we got our Spelling and Science tests back. Next we did a quiz time on ‘The Sign of the Beaver.’ We then did board work during Language Arts. Following Language Arts, we had a Math quiz and then I went to the trailer. Finally lunch!

After lunch we went outside and I played mini-kickball with Hayden, Kyle, Alex and Nathan. Social Studies was next. We took notes on Lesson 3 of the Northeast Region. We then packed up our things and went to Spanish class. When we returned, we said adios to school.




Hi my name is Jacqueline, and I am your reporter for today. First we started off our day by heading our spelling paper. Then we played Homeworkopoly, which is a game where if you had your homework all week then you get to play. Later we took our Spelling test. After we took our Spelling test we had a quiz on the book The Sign of the Beaver. Then we did a summary page on the book. After, we shared our summaries with each other, my group was Hayden, Meghan, and Steven. Later we cleaned our classroom (which we have a very clean classroom). Next we had Math, some people left for accelerated while some other people stayed with Miss O’Brien. After we checked our practice book we played a factor tree game with 5B and Accelerated Math. It was really fun!

Then it was time for lunch and recess. We had indoor recess because it was to cold outside. Then we took our Social Studies test. Later we wrapped gifts for Adopt A Family. Then we listened to Christmas music while we ate cookies, pretzels, rice crispy treats, candy canes and had some hot chocolate. Next we played Speedball, even the parents got to play too! Later it was time to say our prayers, pack up and go home. Another great day in Miss O’Brien’s classroom!




Hi I’m Trevor, today’s O’Brien Chronicle writer. This morning we started off working on a spelling page. Then we played slaps, and Gabrielle and Meaghan were the last two and Gabrielle won. Next we read the Sign of the Beaver and read up to Chapter 22 but before that we played Native American games. After that we did Religion. Then we had Math. After that we had lunch. Then we had Social Studies and worked on our projects. Following that we had Science in Mr. Rhinehart’s classroom. Finally we went to Spanish and went home.


Ryan R.


Hi, I’m Ryan Risse and I’m the O’Brien Chronicle Writer for December 17. The morning started off great, especially for Jake and me. We both didn’t have to do our morning work because we won a “skip morning work for a day” pass in Homeworkopoly. I sat in the reading chair and Jake sat in the rocker and we both drew. Next we went to art where Christian, Ian, Trevor, Steven, Nick and Jake sat at my table! We drew gestures, which was fun. After art, we went back to our classroom where we played Slapps. Olivia T. won the first game and Meaghan won the second. Then we had surprise visitors in our classroom. Santa and Mrs. Claus came to visit us. After they left, we checked our spelling homework. Next we finished the book The Sign of the Beaver, which was our first novel we read in Ms. O’Brien’s class. After Reading, we started on our Math. We learned a saying to help us remember the order of operations for math problems. The saying is Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally (PEMDAS). Which in math terms is parentheses, exponents, multiply, divide, add, and subtract. We then did a very fun worksheet. After Math, we said our prayers and went to lunch. Next, we went to Social Studies where we finished up our project on famous people. After Social Studies, we went to Science, where we checked our homework and watched a funny video about food chains. Before we left for the day, we did a summary page for our file folders for Reading. We then packed up our bags and went home. Another exciting day in Ms. O’Brien’s class.  


Jesse S.


HI, I am Jesse and I'm one of the last O' Brien Chronicle writers of the year. Today everybody enjoyed an two extra hours of sleep before school started because South Jersey had a major snow storm over the weekend. When we got into school we did a four page Christmas packet because it was only four days until CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!! Next Ms. O'Brien discused the Christmas balls,and told us what we were going to do with them. Then it was time for math and accelerated math left and the other half of the class we did anothor Christmas worksheet but on multiplication. Then it was time for lunch and recess. Then when Ms. O'Brien came back from her lunch break.

Next was what everybody was looking forward too. It  was the premiere of ELF . When the movie was over we packed up and played a lengndary game of Speedball when Hayden won another game. Then we said goodbye to Mrs. O'Brien and left .

Jake D.


I’m the last O’Brien Chronicle for the year of 2009. First, when we got into school we unpacked and signed in. After that we started with a Christmas word search. Then we had prayers on the TV. Next we took our The Sign of the Beaver reading test. After the test we got a page of pictures of Christmas songs. Next, the other class came over so we could guess what the Christmas songs were. After that we did our Christmas ball project. Then we went to the gym to practice for the play. Then we played a game in math. It was called the Factor Tree game which the entire class enjoyed. Then we went to lunch. After lunch we cleaned out our desks. Then we did a math worksheet. After that we read our turkey stories. Then we got candy grams. We played speedball. After that we got packed up and left.


Brett H.


Hi, my name is Brett and I am the O’Brien Chronicle writer for today. First, we came in, unpacked, checked in, and said hello to Ms. O’Brien. Next, we did a Grammar worksheet. Then, we went to Social Studies and started a new chapter, and received a worksheet to do for homework. After that, we came back and studied for our quiz tomorrow. Next, we did a spelling page, page 79. Then, we went to our gym class and we played a really fun game, and I scored a goal! After that, we went back to our room and checked spelling paper, page 79. Then, we did Math piece of cake. Next, we went to lunch we have a bunch of people @ our new lunch tables, and I sit with Alexa, Annie, Bridget, Caroline, and Sam. Then, we went back to our homeroom for indoor recess and I played war with Bridget, Caroline, and Olivia T. Next, we did Grammar Wahoo to easy. After that, we did boat book page 75. Then, we read the story, The Marble Champ. Finally, we packed up, checked out, and said goodbye to Ms. O’Brien.



Hi! I’m Alex, today’s O’Brien Chronicle reporter. First we started our day off with an irregular verbs worksheet. Before we could finish, we had to go to art class. Sadly, Mrs. Y. (our art teacher) told us she is taking a break from her job. We will miss her when we have art class!! After art we finished and checked our worksheet. Then, we took an irregular verbs quiz. After the quiz we did three spelling pages and checked them. After that, we played a game of Slaps. After Gab won our game of Slaps, we had a snack. Then we did a Boat page about summarizing and another about the sequence of events. Then we did another Boat page on the vocabulary words we had learned. In religion we interviewed each other about being members of the Church. Then we had Math class. When Math class was over, we had lunch and recess. After recess we went to Social Studies and we learned about who worked on the Declaration of Independence and how our nation has grown. After Social Studies we worked on our science projects on the water cycle and the carbon dioxide-oxygen cycle. After Science class, we wrote down our homework and began Reading class. In Reading, we completed another Boat page and some reading questions. After we checked our Reading work we packed our bags and said goodbye to Miss O’Brien!




Hi, this is Bernadette reporting for the O’Brien Chronicles. We started the morning with a grammar worksheet. Then we listened to Gab’s Me Board. We then went to gym and played handball. Next, Nick did his Me Board. Then we switched seats! We then went to Social Studies in Miss Henderson’s class. We read lesson 3 and did notes and a worksheet. Next we had Science. We checked our review homework and played Science Softball to review for our test tomorrow. After that we ate our snack and took our spelling pre-test. Then, we talked about a persuasive essay. We will be writing for Catholic Schools' week. Next it was math time. I went to Accelerated Math with Meaghan, Tess & Gab. We learned how to divide fraction. Next we went to lunch. I bought pizza. I ate with Cassie, Bella, Kelsey and Olivia V. We had indoor recess. During indoor recess some students colored pictures of St. Francis. Elise & I worked on making a board game. After recess we had religion. We talked about the four marks of the church, One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic. Next we brainstormed ideas for our persuasive essay, Why you should come to St. Rose. Then we went to library/technology and we worked on our time lines about our lives. After that we did grammar and we checked our grammar worksheet. We learned about using commas. Next we did a sandwich worksheet about persuasive writing, Finally the Accelerated Math kids played homeworkopoly because on Friday we were at math while regular math played homeworkopoly. Lastly we packed up and went home! 


Nicholas B.


Hi, my name is Nick. I am your reporter today. First we did a grammar worksheet and next we are doing religion. Miss O’Brien asked the four marks of the church; Tim got them all right and was awarded with a piece of candy. In religion we learned about Purgatory, Heaven and Hell. Next we did social studies and we started taking notes. After social studies we took our science test. After science we ate our snack and then we went to gym. In gym class we played handball. When we were finished with gym class, we did a spelling workbook page. After spelling we did math and we split into partners; I was partners with Hayden for form-B. At 12:05 we went to lunch and I sit with Andrew, Ryan, Dylan, Jake, Eric, Trevor and Ian. Next we had grammar and we learned about homophones and homographs. After that we had music and sang “Amazing Grace” in rap version. Then we did a grammar with homophones and homographs. Finally, we all signed out to end another fun day in Miss O’Brien’s class! That’s all for now!


Daniel M.


Hi, I’m your O’Brien Chronicle reporter for today. We came in to school today and unpacked our stuff and finished our Homophone and Homograph project. Then after we finished our projects, we listened to church songs. The songs have a higher beat then usual. After that, we checked Spelling and then we played slaps and Christian won. When we were finished, we did Grammar board work. Next we did Religion. In Religion, my group, Nick, Gab, Ian, Christian, and I, worked on our religion project. Then it was time for math. In Math, we took our tests. After we were done our tests, we went down to the cafeteria and ate lunch. After lunch we went outside. When we came back in from recess we went to Social Studies. I sat with Jacqueline, Jake, and Olivia V. After Social Studies me, Olivia T., Timmy, Gab, and Meghan finished our Science project. Then we wrote down our homework and went to Spanish and took our test. When we came back from Spanish, we packed up and said goodbye to school.



Good morning from the class of 5A! My name is Tess and i am the O'Brien Chronice writer for Febuary 19, 2010. First we came in, then checked in, unpacked, and ordered our lunch. We also found out that our blow up snowman known as Pablo would be leaving us. R.I.P. Pablo!

For morning work we had to take a copy of the Lent notes. Next, we had to complete Dolphin book page 56 while one person from each row checked homework. Then, we reveiwed for reading and took the test. After we finished our test we had to apply tape to the back of our "peace paper" and our Lent pretzel. At 9:40 A.M. we hung our Lent pretzels and our "peace paper" in the hallway. Afterwards we took our spelling test. Then we went to social studies to take our test. At 10:25 we went to gym where we played basketball. Next we came back and got ready for math. I am in Accelerated math so a few other students and I left to go to math while the rest of the class stayed with Ms. O'Brien. After Math it was time for lunch and recess. Due to the snow, we had indoor recess. After lunch and recess we came back and ended the day by working on our stained glass window project's. Another great day in Ms. O' Brien's class!

Christian Haydinger


HI, my name is Christian and I am the O'Brien Chronicle reporter for today 2-24-10.

First we came in, checked in, and unpacked. Then certain people checked homework to see if we had 100%, but we didn't. Next we each took a grammar worksheet from the podium. It was supposed to prepare us for the grammar test that we would take later today. When we finished that, we worked on our stained glass windows for Religion. They turned out great! When we finished our window, we had to read. After that we went over the grammar worksheet to make sure that we were going to do well on our test later. Then officer Horneff came into to teach us about D.A.R.E. (which stands for Abuse Resistance Education). After that, we switched classes with the other class (5-A) because they had to learn about D.A.R.E. and the needed to use the projector in our classroom. In the other class room next door, Kyle Yalon's aunt came in and she brought in a real torch that was used in the 1884 Summer Olympics. Her best friend gave it to her. We all got in pictures of us and the olympic torch because Ms. O'Brien is going to make a video of all of our fifth grade memories. While we were in the other classroom, we had snack. Then we took a grammar test. When we finished everything on our test besides the last writing questions, we went back over to our classroom.

Then we finished the test. After we finished the last of our test, we read on our own and highlighted what we thought was important in our religion books. After everyone finished that, Ms. O'Brien went over our religion to make sure that we had everything highlighted that we were supposed to highlight about the Last Supper and the Eucharist. At 11:05, we had math. The Accelerated Math students went down stairs, while the rest of us learned about making equivalent fractions. At 11:30 Mrs. Simonson's group and Ms. Capone's group went over to the trailer for extra help and practice. Finally it was time for lunch! The people who were buying grabbed their lunch cards and tickets. After lunch, we went outside for recess. After recess, we went inside to say prayers, and Ms. O'Brien had to talk to a few people in our grade about respecting one another. After that we got our things that we needed for social studies and went over to Ms. Henderson's classroom. We learned about transporting goods through the MIdwest, which was Lesson 1, Chapter 10. Most people had notes for homework because they didn't finish.

Then we went back over to Ms. O'Brien's classroom where we reviewed for our science test tomorow. Next we had to go downstairs to the Spanish room. After that Ms.O'Brien talked to the entire class about respecting one another. Last but not least, we put our chairs up, checked out, and said "Goodbye" to Ms.O'Brien. What a day in Ms. O'Brien's classroom!

Meaghan Janis


Hi! I am Meaghan Janis and I am the reporter for today's O'brien Chronicles. Today is St. Patrick's Day. The first thing we did today was check in and unpack. After we unpacked we got a St. Patrick's Day work sheet. While we were doing that Bernadette checked homework at table 1 and that is where I sit. Next we got green necklaces from Ms. O'brien. Then Ms. O'Brien asked if everyone had all of their homework and everyone did because she handed out homework passes. After that it was time for us to go to an Irish concert. People played Irish music and a first grader did some Irish dancing. Next when we came back from the concert we finished our worksheet and then we did reading. Also Elise gave us cookies and Irish potatoes. In reading we are reading Bud, Not Buddy. We went in our literature circles and told about our jobs. Later it was time for math. I am in accelerated math so that is where I went. In math we learned about surface area and volume. When math was finally over it was time for lunch.

At lunch I helped Carlie get her lunch because she broke her foot. Then it was time for recess. We got to have outdoor recess today because it wasn't raining. After that we had social studies. We had a test today and I thought it was easy. Next we had science and we saw a video about volcanoes and how they form when the plates move. Then we did some review questions and I worked with Jacqueline. Then it was time for recess. We got to have outdoor recess today because it wasn't raining. After that we had social studies. We had a test today and I thought it was easy. Next we had science and we saw a video about volcanoes and how they form when the plates move. Then we did some review questions and I worked with Jacqueline. Next Olivia handed out cupcakes that were green and her mom made them. After that it was time for Spanish. When that was over we had to say good bye to Ms. O'Brien and the rest of the class.


Caroline Smith


When the class walked in, we had to do a worksheet about oceans. Then after we were done we had to write defenitions for reading. The book that we are reading is called The Riddle. After prayers we were getting our jackets so we could go to the Ocean movie. We`re seeing the movie because on May 20th we are going to the beach to learn about the oceans. Also it will give us an idea about the ocean. The trip also takes the place of the Cabrini College trip (which we really wanted to go to, but they over booked us.) After the movie, mostly everyone was talking about it on the bus.

When we rushed in the classroom it was 11:45. Everyone got their lunches and sat at their desk to eat. We only had until12:30 to finish eating and clean up. After recess everyone stood up for prayers. Then we got our grammar books out. In grammar we`re using pronouns correctly. At the end everyone was taking their Bud Not Buddy file folders out to finish them. Thank you to Brett for using her activity pass. We played speedball for the last few minutes of the day. The finalists were Hayden,Trevor and Brett. Congrats to everyone. Well, it's the end of another fabulous day in Miss O`Brien's classroom.




Hi my name is Hayden, the O’Brien Chronicle Writer for today. When we first came into school we had to do a cinco de mayo worksheet. Next, we had grammar. We were taught about adverbs. During religion we talked about the holy orders. We did work in our personal books and we put one of our Bud, Not Buddy summaries in the book. Soon after that we worked on our hats for Mother’s Day. It was time for math. We had a test. After the test it was time for lunch and recess. When we came back from recess we packed up and then we played a states game with the other class. Then it was time to go to the school play for the rest of the day. Once again, we had another fun day in Miss O’Brien’s class!!