O'Brien Chronicles 2 2010-2011



Hi, my name is Hunter and I'm your O'Brien chronicles for today 5-23-11. When we first got in, we signed in, unpacked, and signed up for lunch. Next we did a page in grammar which was diagramming. After that we did religion, then grammar. In grammar we checked our page then we did types of sentences. Then we had snack and did our books. After that we went to art and then gym which we did kickball. Then we went to lunch and then recess. When we came back, we went to social studies. Then we came back and did science. After that we dis our books, watched a video. Finally, we signed, packed our bags and went home.




Hi my name’s Tim and I’m the O’Brien Chronicle reporter for June1, 2011. Today I got into school and unpacked. After that I started working on my book. Next we had a Grammar quiz. Then we went down to the gym for Mr. Hogan’s birthday assembly. Next we worked more on our books and we had snack. Then we went over to Social Studies and had Science in Ms. Henderson’s room when we came back we worked on our books some more until Math. Brooks, Ava, Tess, and I went down to accelerated math. Then we went to lunch. Next we went to recess were we played dodge ball. After that we worked more on our books and first grade came in and we shared our books with them while watching the PHILLIES game. Then we worked more on our books. Next second grade came in and we shared our books with them. After that second grade stayed in our room with the cool air and we went down to Spanish were we had a quiz. Finally we came back got packed up and went home.




Hi my name is Katy I am the O’Brien Chronicle Reporter today June 2, 2011. When we first came in we unpacked. Next we worked on our books. Today we worked on our books a lot because we are having an authors party to show our parents all of our writing pieces. After our books we took our science quest. A quest is a little bit more than a quiz but less than a test. Miss O’Brien told us to work on our books when we were finished. Then we went to Church for mass. When we came back we worked on our books again until math. For math we went outside and did flash cards with the other class. Then it was lunch and recess. When we came back inside after recess we went in Ms. Henderson’s classroom and Father Byerley’s brother Father Tim came in to talk to us. Then we went back to our classroom and worked on our books. Next we packed up because the sixth graders came in our classroom to help us with our books. Then we went to the other sixth grade classroom and dismissed from there and said “Goodbye to Miss. O’Brien.” My name is Jack and this is my final O'Brien chronicle for the year. Today when we came into school I unpacked and did my morning work which was telling our favorite things about fifth grade. After that we had Spanish where we did a test and a review game. After we did half of our reading test and had our snack break. Then we finished our reading test and had our action auction. Then we did math and worked on our work sheet. Lastly we packed up, said prayers and left.




 Hi I’m Liam and I’m the O,Brien chronicle reporter for today. First when I got into school I signed in and got unpacked. For morning work we had to do a packet about the best things in 5th grade, funniest things in 5th grade, to give advice for upcoming 5th graders, and advice to upcoming 5th graders with a new teacher. Then it was time for library. In library we had a free choice what to go on. After library we went through our file folder. We put 1 writing piece in our record folder and we also got rid of all our tests. Then we cleaned the whole room. hen advanced math had to leave. So the 1st grade came to cool off because there room was too hot. So we played speed ball. Then the first grade had to leave. So we got packed up, signed out, and said our prayers went home.