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College Transfer Course Pathways:

Students must have at least an unweighted GPA of 2.8 to be eligible to take these classes.

These classes are guaranteed to transfer to any public college/university in North Carolina.

These classes are tuition free, but students must pay for textbooks/course materials.

These classes are offered online and on campus.

The college transfer courses are based off of associate degree program courses.  An associate degree is a two-year degree.  Even though students will not earn an associate’s degree in high school, the CCP Program has certain classes from these degree programs that it allows students to take.  The associate degree programs that have courses available are Associate in Arts, Associate in Engineering, Associate in Nursing, and Associate in Science. 

Career and Technical Education Classes:

Students may take these classes without having an unweighted GPA of at least 2.8 with permission from their high school principal and the Vice President of Student Affairs at NCC.  Career coaches handle this paperwork. 

These courses may or may not transfer to colleges/universities.  Students need to contact receiving institutions to determine transferability. 

These classes are tuition free and textbooks/course materials are also paid for by the school system.

These classes are offered online and on campus.

The CTE courses are certificate programs that will allow you to build your resume for a career upon high school graduation.  The CCP Program offers over 20 CTE certificate programs.