Summer in Toronto

Tips You Must Take in Toronto This Summer





Now with the province in Stage 2, Toronto is finally intimidated, with patios opening across the city. If you feel comfortable and you want to have a nice night, here are 5 boxes we recommend to you. Don't forget to bring a mask!

1. Cibo wine bar

The patio is open and ready for business at all their locations. Enjoy some extraordinary Italian cuisine and the wine of your choice on a hot summer evening at King West, Yonji Street, or Yorkville. We highly recommend ordering polenta fries and mozzarella di bufala to get started.

2. District Italy

A beautiful rooftop patio boasting, the District Eatery on King West is open to serve you delicious cocktails on a summer day. Their menu is fully incorporated into providing many vegetarian, vegetarian, and gluten-free menu items. If you want a menu light on fried foods but are heavy on amazing cocktails, this is the place for you. Check them out!

3. Hemingway's

This iconic patio is open and ready to serve the Toronto community. Located in the heart of Yorkville, Hemingway offers a casual, rooftop experience in a more snug neighborhood. If you like Sangria, you'll love this quirky, New Zealand-inspired restaurant. And you can even book a reservation!

4. Her Father’s Cider

Ciders, ciders, and more ciders. If you have never visited this small restaurant, you will be lost. Located in Harvard Village, Her Father Cedar is a place to try craft cider. Their fridge stocks about 100 different ciders from around the world, including France, Spain, New Zealand, and Canada, and their taps are rotating. Order the flight to experience three 5 ounce glasses of different cedars on tap.

5. Score on King

Need to curb that weekend’s hangover? Go down to score on King and try one of his amazing Caesar creations starting at just 13 dollars. Choose a Caesar top with onion rings, cold-fried pickles, and even a whole burger. If you feel adventurous, try a checkmate Caesar top with a full meal, including whole roasted Cornish chicken, stretched pork, make n cheese, and a brownie. 

No time to book reservations? Let us know if we can help you! Email for more details.