Digital Citizenship Contract

Students must print out the user agreement, get it signed, and submit it to their teacher by the second week of class! (Forms will be handed out on the first day of class.)

Student Technology Usage Agreement


The purpose of this policy is to provide an outline of the acceptable usage of technology resources. These rules are designed to protect the employees, students, and district. The inappropriate use of technology can lead to students being exposed to unsafe conditions or the compromising of school networks.

In this policy, the term digital resource refers to any and all hardware or software resources provided by the school for the students. This includes, but is not limited to, Internet access, software, electronic mail, tablets, laptops, smartphones, recording devices of any sort, and other digital devices or resources provided by the district.

The school district uses technology to help ensure that students are only exposed to age-appropriate materials. However, we acknowledge that it is impossible to completely guarantee that such information is inaccessible to students. Therefore, this policy has been created so that both parents and students are aware of what is considered acceptable technology usage and what behavior is expected of them. This policy serves as a written agreement between the district and the students and parents and must be signed by both the parent or legal guardian and student.

Students will be held responsible for acting with good judgment in regard to the use of the provided digital resources. Any use of technology other than what is described below as acceptable usage will be considered a breach of this agreement and will result in disciplinary action.


Terms and Conditions of Use


Acceptable Usage

  1. The school system Internet network is for school and educational purposes only.
  2. Students are encouraged to use the Internet and to conduct detailed research regarding assignments.
  3. Students should limit their Internet usage to curriculum-focused materials.
  4. Email access will only be provided under teacher supervision using a school-based email account.
  5. Student emails are not considered confidential and are subject to monitoring by authorized individuals at any time.
  6. Students should only download or access information relevant to their lessons or current research.
  7. Students are required to show proper etiquette when interacting via email or other online platforms.
  8. Students are required to provide proper care for electronic devices provided by the district.

Prohibited Internet Use

  1. Students are not allowed to engage in buying on any digital platform. 
  2. Students are prohibited from selling products using the school Internet connection.
  3. Students will not provide their personal information online.
  4. Students will not use proxy servers to circumvent blocked or prohibited website screening.
  5. Students will not attempt to disable monitoring or screening software within the school network.
  6. Students are prohibited from downloading software via the Internet onto the school network.
  7. Students are not permitted to attempt to gain unauthorized access to administrative functions or files within the school system.
  8. Students are prohibited from using inappropriate language, profanity, discriminatory language, or other forms of harassment.
  9. Students are prohibited from engaging in maintenance on electronic devices provided by the district.
  10. Students may not attempt to modify electronic devices through processes such as “jailbreaking”. Jailbreaking is defined as attempting to remove restrictions.
  11. Students are prohibited from attempting to alter the default appearance settings on provided devices.
  12. Students are prohibited from installing or deleting software or files from the devices.
  13. Students are prohibited from engaging in digital chat rooms unless otherwise directed by an instructor.

Plagiarism and Copyright Responsibility

Students will refrain from engaging in plagiarism. Plagiarism is defined as taking another person's idea or written or created work and presenting it as your own. Credit must always be given to the appropriate source.


“Fair Use” describes copyrighted information that is obtained and then used for educational purposes. Students are allowed to use copyrighted materials while adhering to the guidelines for proper citation. The sale or distribution of these materials outside of a classroom setting is strictly prohibited. The school district will not be responsible for any legal action taken against the student should the student violate United States Copyright law.  

Consequences of Violating the Terms of Use

The ability to use network resources is a privilege and not a right. Students are expected to act responsibly in accordance with the guidelines above.

Should the student violate the regulations listed above, the student will lose these privileges and may face further disciplinary or legal action as deemed appropriate.

Digital Resource Usage Agreement(sample)


User Agreement and Parental Consent Form

I certify that I have read and understood the terms and conditions of the user agreement. I agree to the terms and conditions laid out in the user agreement and understand the consequences of violating the rules therein. I understand that I may lose access to these privileges and face further disciplinary action, including but not limited to expulsion.


Print Name:  ________________________          _________________________

                                 First                                                   Last


Teacher: ____________________________


Signature:__________________________        Date:______________


Parent or Guardian

I have read the user agreement for the school district. I understand that the district and teachers will attempt to guide my child in the proper use of the Internet and digital resources. I will hold my child responsible for behaving appropriately while using digital resources also while complying with established policies and conditions of the school district.


Signature of Parent/Guardian:_________________________ Date:____________


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