Roll of Thunder Scavenger Hunt

Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry:  An Internet Scavenger Hunt!

Directions: Please take out a sheet of paper and a pencil.  You will be recording all the answers to the questions on your paper.  You do not have to write the question, only the answer.  Please click on the blue link in the question to guide you to the answer. 

1. What kind of climate does the cotton plant require?

2. Based on the information gathered for number 1, do you think a cotton plant would survive in your climate? 

3. Mama talks about taking the cotton to Vicksburg to be ginned. What is the purpose of ginning cotton?

4. How are the seeds of the cotton plant used today?

5. What is the seed pod of the plant called?

6. Mama talks to Pa about spraying the cotton plants for insects.  What insect can be very damaging to cotton plants?

7. What does the term "boycott" mean?

8. Mama suggests to the other families that they not shop at Wallace's Store. This is called a boycott.
Why did the people in Tallahassee, Florida organize a bus boycott in the 1950s?

9.  Cassie, Little Man, Stacey, and T.J. attend a separate school from the white students.
This is called segregation.  In 1954, the U.S. Supreme Court said that segregation of public schools
was not allowed.  What happened three years later, in 1957, when 9 black students went to school
at Central High School, Little Rock, Arkansas?

10. Ms. Taylor describes the white children's Jefferson Davis County School.  She says the Mississippi State flag is flown above the U.S. flag.  Is this proper flag rules and regulations?

11. When Mildred D. Taylor wrote the novel, where or who did she get the inspiration for her characters?

12. Read the first review of the book.  Do you concur with the reviewer or do you dispute their opinion?

What does the election of Barack Obama as President mean for the civil rights movement in the United States? (You must give a 5 sentence paragraph listing 3 things it has done for the U.S.)