PET Injection Molding Machine-HS-178PET

International Size Rating : 630

Clamping Force: 1700KN

Distance between tie-bars : 470*470 mm

Opening stroke: 435 mm

Drive Power: 15KW

Machine dimensions: 5.2*1.45*2.25 M

Machine weight: 5.3 T

Min. Order: 1 Set

Delivery Time: 30 Days



● Excellent molding stability

The servo driving system has its pressure and flow under closed loop control; and compared with traditional injection molders, Preform injection machine,its molding repetition precision is improved substantially

● Constant oil temperature

The servo motor output hydraulic oil proportionately to prevent excessive heat. It can achieve substantial water saving even without cooling.

● Rapid response

The servo driver features rapid response whose rapid starting time is improved by 50% compared with traditional injection.

● Substantial energy saving

Under the same conditions, it can save 20%-80% energy compared with traditional constant delivery pump injection molders.

● High performance environmental protection

The complete machine features low operating noise, and even quieter during low-speed operation