Class Notes

Open Court Language Arts
Literature based
Analyzing lit
1 story per week
Open Court tests on Friday or Thursday (if studying a similar piece, by same author for instance)
Emphasis on vocabulary from Open Court stories
quiz on Tuesday (unless Monday holiday)
 look for spiral notebook
Glencoe CA Math 5
some work from book, some other
All except 6 students break out
More Algebra and geometry
must have automaticity with multiplication
 - improve speed (helpful with factorization)
Fractions - reducing fractions, factors, 
 - use flash cards, practice
(little brain in your hand?) 
Ask Sasha to show me her work
Higher math skills (remembering formulas, more complex concepts) becoming more important soon
Periodic table
Modifying the reading to improve understanding
Life science, weather
Social studies
Breakout students come to Mr. Noonan's class, Noonan's class goes to PE with Mrs. Fogg; social studies at the end of the day
Label all 50 states
He's sectioning NE, SE,
Native Americans and European Explorere
Revolutionary War
Talk with student
Persistent problem (chatterbox) call home
Wednesdays, Charlie delFino, no homework, no talk, 1 hour, totally punitive, if they fool around it is doubled
Sub says, "This is the best class I've had in 20 years!"
Tries to work individually with each student, takes discipline advice from parents
Nip problems in bud
  • Read for 30 every day
     - Monitor: look at marked pages, look for too few or too many
     - Skim book with kid, come up with questions (try to trick or ask testing questions)
  • There should be some math homework every day
  • Don't get behind in math - problems accumulate and the skills build
  • Work with stacks of numbers
Donations needed for classroom
Volunteer? Mrs. Burgess just retired, is organizing library. She needs help re-shelving books, watching kids, consistent hours (every Wed at 9:30)
Parents are welcome in class, to observe or help kids in small groups
Class projects
Tree of Me
  • social, school, sports & hobby, family limbs
  • Paragraphs, index cards (green leaf shapes optional)
Research report on a state (except CA) 
He's hip to kid internet plagiarism shenanigans
Maybe select topics in which the kids are interested
Learning to research - great skill
Field trips:
  • After Xmas
  • more info to come
  • parent volunteers essential
  • SF Zoo (1:6 adult kid ratio)
  • Plenty of advance notice
Tries to work with kids individually, get to know the kid and teach to him the way he learns
3 folders: homework, go home, stay at school
Bell Works
2 pages of math, 2 pages of LA, 20 minutes
mode, mean median