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Announcements: We are now on our final section of the year, life science.  The online text and notes are in the life science section below, as well as a link to a new website I am trying to transition into for next year. Don't be scared to read-up on current events in the world of science through the Science Times as well.  Start reading through the evolution chapter in the text and tracking vocabulary as you do so.  There are review and discussion questions at the end of each section that you should answer as well.  Read the section on Macroevolution by Monday 3/19 and have the rest of the chapter complete by the following Monday 3/26.  As always, review the notes from class at home each night as well to be prepared for the activator(daily quiz).

-TEST RESPONSE-Thank you all for the feedback on the last test.  I agree about the test length, but considering the amount of material, it was going to be a long test no matter how it was formatted.  I liked the fact that this test asked you to explain what you understand rather than recite vocabulary, but the amount of writing was a bit much.  In the future, I am planning on breaking tests up, half multiple choice, fill-ins, true/false, etc. without a notecard available and half short answer/essay with a notecard.  Students will complete one half of the test, turn it in, take-out or put away their note card, and then receive the second half of the test.  My goal in this is to emphasize that I want you to understand and feel comfortable with the main concepts (enduring understandings), as much or more than I want you to learn facts and vocabulary.   

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