MomMed Offers Ovulation/Pregnancy combination kits with 99.99 Percent Accuracy

Some pregnant women might not have detectable amounts of HCG in their urine at the time of testing. The quantity of HCG in a pregnant women will double every 48–72 hours. In Clinical trials MomMed has determined that 70% of women received a positive result 5 days before their expected period; 96% of women received a positive result 4 days before their expected period; 99% of women received a positive result 3 days before their expected period and 99.99% of women received a positive result 1–2 days before their expected period.

If you are currently trying to conceive the baby the MomMed ovulation tests can help you. MomMed design the best Very early pregnancy test kit. The ovulation test detects the luteinizing hormone (LH) that surges 12–36 hours before ovulation providing you with a bigger window for conception. After dipping your test in a concentrated urine sample the dye will pull through the window. Both a test line and control line will appear. Once the test line is dark or darker than the control line ovulation is near.

The advantage of our prediction kit is that it not only identifies the time of ovulation. It also provides up to 6 notice before ovulation allowing you to maximize the chance of conception each cycle. The display screen can also examine your cycles history by storing your information which offers additional cycle analysis every cycle that its used.From our store, you can also purchase the best price Weight scale baby.

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