Career Orientation Syllabus

Ms. Williams

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Welcome to Career Orientation!  Course Description: Career Orientation is a foundation course that uses hands-on activities and research, providing an opportunity for exploring career clusters. It is the point at which educational development begins with the establishment of individual career plans. This course is required by eighth graders in the North Little Rock School District and is offered first and second semester. Career Orientation helps students to learn about themselves, so that they may be better prepared to choose a career.  By exploring likes, dislikes, skills, abilities, aptitudes, and career interest inventories and research, students will begin their career selection process.  It is just as important to know the careers that we would not like to have, as it is to know those that we might be interested in exploring.  Career Orientation is an adventure. 

Learning Activities: These will include but are not limited to a Learning Styles Inventory, “Who Am I” poster, “Career” poster, Kuder Interest Inventories, individual career research, 16 Career Clusters, application forms, resume and cover letter, a career project, and more. 

Homework and Tests:  Students should review notes and materials frequently to prepare for tests.  Work not finished in class should be finished at home.  There is little homework in this class.  Notebook checks will account for most class work. Poster projects will be completed at home and sufficient notice will be given to prepare and complete on time. 

Notebook/Portfolios:  Students are required to have a 1” or 1 ½” presentation notebook and 5 dividers.  Students will keep learning activities, notes, and special assignments in this keepsake portfolio.  Be sure to save it at the end of the year since it will hold special projects that are personal to the student and great information for high school and technical/college preparation.  Notebooks will be graded regularly for organization and completeness. 

Grading Policy:  Grades will be the average scores of notebook checks, projects, research, and tests. Students will take an End of Course exam required by the Arkansas Department of Workforce Education at the end of each semester. This grade will be counted as two test scores. 

Required Career Orientation Class Project: Each Career Orientation student will choose and complete one of the three projects listed below during the second nine-weeks grading period of this class.  Students will be given packets with complete instructions to help them choose which project is best for them. 

1.    Job Shadowing:  Students will shadow on one of two school days. Dates will be posted later. Job shadow day will count as a school business day and all work missed must be made up within two school days. Example: A student does informal research on a teacher, accountant, or lawyer, and decides to job shadow a lawyer.

 Requirements:·         Exploratory interview·         Scrapbook page with photos·         Thank you card/letter·         Brief presentation 

2.    Service Learning: Eight (8) hours of documented service within the community that is preapproved by the CO teacher. These hours are served after school hours or weekends. Court ordered community service does not count. Example: A student volunteers at the Boys and Girls Club for a total of 8 hours. 

Requirements:·         Scrapbook page with photos·         Thank you card·         Interview·         Brief presentation 

3.    Research Project: Formal research paper (2-3 pages) on one of the three careers chosen from informal research done in class. Two days of class time will be given to complete and type this paper in class. Otherwise, it will be done at home. Example: A student does informal research on a pilot, doctor, and minister, and chooses to do a formal report on a pilot. 

Requirements:·         2-3 page paper·         Scrapbook page·         Brief presentation·         Exploratory interview  

Parents may contact me at school during my prep time from 1:30 – 2:20 at 555-5555 or email me at williamsmo@nlrsd.orgMy webpage address is Please sign that you have read this syllabus and understand that each student will be required to do one career project from the three choices given. 

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