Standards Based Grading

Progress indicator: used in teacher grade book for individual assignments/assessmentsConversion of grade book body of evidence to letter gradesUsed for grade reports and transcripts
AdvancedIn a variety of assessments, the student consistently and independently achieves proficiency in grade level concepts/skills and demonstrates advanced application/analysis when the opportunity existsA(4)
ProficientIn a variety of assessments, the student achieves proficiency in grade level concepts/skillsB(3.5)
Partially ProficientWith the teacher or peer support, the student is able to achieve proficiency in grade concepts/skillsC(3)
UnsatisfactoryThe student demonstrates limited understanding/application of grade level concepts/skills and does not meet the identified goals at this timeD(2.5)
Unsatisfactory/MissingThe student rarely demonstrates understanding of grade level concepts/skills or there is insufficient evidence to accurately determine the proficiency levelF(0 – 2)