Rules, Policies, and Procedures

Classroom Rules: I will do my best to abide by the following standards at all times:
  • to follow core values of student conduct: respect, trustworthiness, citizenship, responsibility, fairness, and caring.
  • to help create and maintain a positive and safe learning environment.
  • to come to class on time and prepared for learning (bring my books, notebooks, paper, pen, homework, brain, etc.).
  • refrain from talking during group instruction or quiet time.
  • to participate in all class activities and to enjoy learning everyday.
  • de parler en français le plus que possible.

Classroom Policies and Procedures: You cannot learn a language if you don’t hear the language spoken!  This is why class instruction will be conducted in FRENCH.  Not understanding everything, I say, is part of the process!  YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO KNOW!  This is what stimulates you to listen more carefully and deduct the pertinent information from context.  The grammar and vocabulary are explained to you in English in your textbook.  Reading the textbook on a daily basis is part of your homework.  If you come prepared to class prepared and pay attention, you will soon understand. 

Materials Needed: Bringing your book, activity book, notebook, paper and pencils/pens daily are a requirement!  If you don’t bring required materials to class, you will be deducted two participation points.

Attendance: Daily presence in class is essential in any foreign language class.  When you are absent, you miss valuable in class listening and speaking opportunities that are difficult to make-up.  This will be reflected in your participation grade because you will not have earned participation points for that day.  If you are not in class, you will need to volunteer more frequently during the next few classes to demonstrate proficiency. If you are absent, you must be excused by the attendance office or take an “F” for that day.  Examples of legitimate excuses are serious illness, accident, death of a family member/friend, or any act of nature beyond your control. 

Tardy Policy: Students are expected to be in class, in seats, and ready to begin work when the bell rings.  The school tardy policy will be in effect for this class.  If you are tardy, you will not be admitted to the classroom without a tardy pass.  You will need to report to the tardy cart and receive a pass in order to be admitted.  Should you need further clarification about the tardy policy, please contact the dean of attendance. 

Making Up Missed Work: If you have been absent, it is YOUR responsibility to find out what was covered in class to complete missed work.  There will be a lesson plan folder available for students to view and complete any missed assignments.  You will not be reminded to look at that folder; rather, students must take the initiative to view missed assignments and complete the required work in order to receive credit for missed assignments.  You will have one day for each day that you have an EXCUSED absence to complete required assignments.  Outside of that time frame, students will not receive credit for missed assignments.  Whenever you are aware of an upcoming absence, it is advisable to ask for assignments in advance. In the event that a student has an EXCUSED absence or tardy on the day of a test or quiz, the make-up test/quiz will be administered on TUESDAY afternoons at 3:40 in room 1111 at Hinkley High School.  The door will be locked at 4:00 and no student will be admitted for a test/quiz at that time.  Your other option is “Amnesty Day,” which will be held during the last week of the quarter.  That date will be announced in advance. If you fail to make up the test/quiz on a Tuesday afternoon after school or during “Amnesty Day,” the student will receive an “F” for that test/quiz.  Students who have an UNEXCUSED ABSENCE or UNEXCUSED TARDY will not be given the opportunity to make up missed quizzes and/or exams. 

Textbooks:  Students will be issued a textbook for his/her use.  He/She is responsible for COVERING that book in a manner that will not harm the book when it is removed in May and keeping it FREE FROM MARKS. 

Hall Passes/Restroom Visits: You will have four bathroom passes per semester to use at your discretion.  Use them wisely.   

Food and Gum:  Please refrain from bringing food inside the classroom.  Make sure to eat and drink BEFORE you enter the classroom.  However, water in a plastic bottle is allowed.  Absolutely no cafeteria visits will be tolerated during class time.  If you have already purchased a drink or have leftover food from lunch, you will be asked to leave them outside the classroom.  Please do not chew gum in class as it will be difficult to speak and understand a new language.