Sight Words

This is the list of sight words that we will be learning for the year. A copy of the words will be placed in your child's learning bag.


Week 1: we, run, a, can, play, I

Week 2: like, cat, to, and, dog

Week 3: the, not, you, do, want

Week 4: all, here, big, is, little

Week 5: she, with, are, he, funny

Week 6: make, will, am, me, pretty

Week 7: what, us, call, my, jump, see

Week 8: house, no, said, let, in, come

Week 10: help, ride, work, find, there, Sunday

Week 11: keep, away, ran, can’t, on, this, if, Monday

Week 12: good, have, read, any, did, or, too, Tuesday

Week 13: your, when, that, say, look, go, hot, Wednesday

Week 14: put, friend, it, be, where, get, at, Thursday

Week 15: green, yellow, red, brown, blue, pink, purple, white, orange, black

Week 16: who, about, an, yes, today, cold, now, Friday

Week 17: up, sleep, as, they, give, use, how, Saturday

Week 19: fast, please, down, for, him, her, why, upon

Week 20: could, walk, has, take, of, laugh, drink, far

Week 21: had, don't, some, them, by, very, old, went

Week 23: was, around, tell, eat, think, our, gave, once

Week 24: came, found, out, his, ask, draw, ate, fall

Week 25: going, write, stop, into, got, made, new, would

Week 26: best, together, over, long, off, small, sit, were

Week 28: thank, school, but, own, never, fly, know, much

Week 29: which, always, try, must, under, open, just, buy

Week 30: after, shall, cut, before, from, its, many, then