Famous Australians

Famous Australian Information

Due Date: 11/09/09

Write a Biography based on a Famous Australian.

Year 3/4Mo students have been given the task to choose a Famous Australian, research the person and write a short biography on the Famous Australian. The Famous Australian can be selected from any of the areas below:

·        Medicine

·         Pioneers

·         War Heroes

·     Entertainers

·         Art

·        Authors

·        Politicians

·        Business Figures

·        Social  Justice

·      Sport

·     Infamous Australians

It is important that all students ensure that they don’t copy directly from reference sources

Genre: Biography (Factual)

1.       Purpose

         The purpose is to use factual information to inform and retell the events, experiences and achievements of a Famous Australian

2.       Context

Accurately describe the experiences and achievements of a selected person outlining the reason(s) he/she is regarded as a Famous Australian.

3.      Text – Structure

Orientation: Name the person, tell when and where he/she lived and state why he/she is famous

Series of events: List the important events in order

Re-orientation: Restate why the person is famous

Appropriate vocabulary, grammar and punctuation

Images or illustrations are used appropriately

 Biography Task Sheet

Biography Criteria Sheet

In class we have been learning how to write a biography, below is a copy of the Biography Worksheet which was handed in class, you can use this sheet to make a rough draft on how you want your biography to be written up. The Guy Sebastian biography is an example of what I am expecting students to write, nothing too complex and nothing too simple.

PLEASE READ: Apologies parents and students, I noticed that my download links seem to be dying. I am trying to rectify the situation by experiementing with various hosting websites. If you need any sheets to download please send an email to ad.fernando@connect.qut.edu.au