Mrs. Morales Integrated Science I Syllabus         2009/2010 HACC Academy
Room: 131
Telephone: (754) 321-7050
Planning Period: 2th Period (9:10 – 10:40)

Quantity         Description
1         3 Ring- 3 inch Binder
1         Divider Tabs (pack of five)
2         Blue or Black pens
1         Loose leaf paper (college ruled preferred)
1         1 Subject spiral notebook (70 – 100 pages)
1         Ream of multipurpose paper (1 pack of 500 sheets)
1        Graph paper (50 sheets)

*Various supplies for science projects will be requested throughout the year.

The following formula will be used to determine final grades for this class:
Classwork (Lessons) 20%
Quizzes/Tests 20%
Projects/Lab 20%
Homework/Notebook 15%
Midterm & Final Exam 25% of the Overall Final Grade For Each Semester

Students in Integrated Science I (High School Grade Credit) examine the different elements of science and how they relate to their world.  Students will experience each area of science through experimentation, explanation, and discussion.  Topics included in this course include Chemistry, Biology, Earth/Space Science, and Physical sciences.

Learn and experience science using an interactive, hands-on approach.

Students will:
• Identify, understand and discuss science as it applies to their world.
• Collect, organize, and analyze data.
• Utilize the scientific method to approach a problem.
• Gain global awareness enabling them to be a global citizen.
• Participate in group discussion, projects, and activities to encourage teamwork,
leadership, and investigative skills.
• Apply critical thinking skills to connect all areas of science, recognizing science as a whole rather than separate studies.

VI. COURSE OUTLINE (Shows The possible 1 Full Credit Available):

Topic 1: Introduction to Science in Our World
Topic 2: Science of Psychology
    Scientific Method
Topic 3: Environmental Science
    Environmental Processes
    Local, regional, and global environment
Midterm Exam is worth 25% of the final grade (Upon successful completion with a grade
of C (70%) or higher of all assignments Students will earn 1/2 HS credit in Integrated Science I)

Topic 4: Biology
Topic 5: Genetics
    Natural Selection
Topic 6: Technology (beginning)
Final Exam is worth 25% of the final grade (Upon successful completion with a grade of
C (70%) or higher of all assignments Students will earn an additional 1/2 HS
credit….AT this point the student could have earned 1 full credit in Integrated Science I)

VII. Textbook: Holt Science and Technology (blue book)
Link to the textbook on beep
   Instructions: Login into beep using student number and birth date, click on the link “online textbook”, click on the link “science” under the secondary column, click on the link “Holt Science & Technology 2006 Blue”.  Each chapter of the book can be downloaded in a pdf format.

In order for all of students to be successful and meet the high expectations set before them, all students must:
1. Be seated and prepared for class when the tardy bell rings to avoid being tardy. A
student is considered tardy if he or she is not seated and working on the warm-up
activity by the sound of the tardy bell.
2. No food or drinks allowed in class, including gum and candy
3. The teacher will direct all talking and all movement in the classroom. Students
must ask permission to be out of seats. If students have trash it must be held at
his or her desk and disposed of as he or she exits the classroom.
4. Take an active part in the lesson. Student success depends on student
participation! (Students should take responsibility for their own learning.)
5. Show respect to others at all times.
6. No profanity.
7. Practice lab safety rules and procedures at all times.
8. Biweekly grade reports will be sent home.

Teacher Website:

Mrs. Morales’s Integrated Science I Syllabus 2009/2010 HACC Academy

Student & Parent/Guardian (Sign and return for a grade. Students should keep the
syllabus in their notebooks for future reference.)
I have read and understand the policies and procedures outlined on the above pages. I
have also reviewed the course syllabus and understand the pacing for the semester and
the work that will be required of each student.

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