10th Grade Final Exam Study Guide


1. How many different clans did Melinda say were at Merryweather High School? 


2. What is Melinda's first class of the new school year? 


3. During art class, the teacher made the students pick a word out of a hat that they would have to create in an artistic form. What word did Melinda pick? 

4. Why did some of the students at Merryweather High School hate Melinda? 

5. What is the boy's name that Melinda referred to as "It"? 


6. Which talk show host did Melinda not hear talking to her about the assault? 

7. Who was the first person Melinda told about the assault? 

8. After Melinda wrote "Guys to Stay Away From" on the bathroom stall, who showed Melinda what some other girls had written about that guy underneath what Melinda wrote? 

9. Melinda found out that Rachel broke up with "It" on prom night. 

10. Who found Melinda holding a piece of glass to "Its" throat after he tried to assault her again? 


Gangs Keep Out 

Use a word from this list to correctly complete each sentence.

 a. increasing b.large cities c. after-school programs d. secretive e. girls 


11.The number of U.S. teens involved in gangs is  


12.Gang recruitment is more likely to be successful in communities that lack  


13. Gang involvement has always been high in  


14. Unlike the past, more of today's gang members are  


15.Estimating the number of teens involved in gangs is difficult because gangs are 


The Interlopers


16. What are the names of the two men who strongly dislike each other?


17. Who came for the two men at the end of the story?

18.What was the occupation of these two men?

19. Why did Ulrich and Georg hate each other?


Harrison Bergeron

20.Why are the gifted people handicapped?


21. What does Diana Moon Glampers do to Harrison?

22. What happened to Harrison and the Ballerina? 

23.How does the father forget everything? 

There Will Come Soft Rains

24. What started the fire in the story, “There Will Come Soft Rain?”


25. In what year did the story take place? 


26. What unusual qualities do the devices in the house have? 

27. What happened outside of the house? 

Interview with Ray Bradbury 

28. How often does Ray Bradbury write? 

29. When does Bradbury think a story is valid? 

30. How many short stories has Ray Bradbury written? 

31. How many of his stories have gotten published? 


The Pedestrian 

32. What interrupts Leonard's walk one November night? 

33. What makes him appear suspicious? 

34. Where is Leonard taken at the end of the story? 

35. In the story "The Pedestrian," what does antiseptic mean? 


The Border 

36. Where did Mora live before she moved? 

34. Where did Mora move to? 

37. How does the desert link Mora to the native land of her grandparents?  

38. On her first return to Texas, what was the first thing she stopped to do? 

The Opportunity 

39. What is the name of the main character in the story? 


40. What did the mother think of Elise in the beginning of the story? 

41. Who was Mrs. Hegel? 

42. Who was the play about? 

43. What happened at the end of the story? 


A Celebration of Grandfathers 

44. What did Anaya's grandfather do for a living? 

45. How did the grandfather describe death to Anaya? 

46. Why did the author return to Puerto de Luna? 

47.Who was the author of the story, "A Celebration of Grandfathers?"  

48. When writing a research paper the first thing you need to state is?

49. Margins should be:

50. In 10th grade we write what kind of research paper?

51.Page numbers go:

52.  A research paper needs a title page:

53. Which student wrote a paper on Meer Cats?

54. Research based questions and answers on the fastest cars was written by:

55. Video Game topic was researched and written by:

Directions: Choose the best synonym for the following words. 

56) kind

59) shiny

57) glad

60) big

58) fast

61) noisy


Directions: Choose the best antonym for the following words. 

62) thick

63) early

64) cold

65) slow

66) similar

67) safe


Directions:  Decide if the following sentences should end with a period, question mark, or exclamation point. 

68. I think we can go now  

69. I am so excited! Our team scored a point  

70. When are you going to take out the trash 

71. Hello, how are you 


Directions: Fill in the blanks with words with the correct contraction. 

72. We will ________ see you at English class next week! 

73. There is ________ no milk in the refrigerator. 

74. There will ________ be time to chat later. 

75. It is ________ raining today. 

76. You should not _________ cheat. 


Directions: Correct the following run-on sentences. 

52. My mother and father and sister are coming to dinner tonight. 


53. I like learning English it makes me tired. 


54. My sister was taller than me when we were young now I am the tallest which is fun. 


55. I love being a police officer because I get to drive a car and shoot a gun and wear a uniform and turn on my flashing lights.