11th Grade Final Exam Study Guide

The Things They Carried

1. What kind of gun does Henry Dobbins carry?

2. What is Jimmy Cross’s rank?

3. What sport did Martha play at Mount Sebastian College?

4. Why does Ted Lavender take tranquilizers?

5. How does Ted Lavender die?

6. How do Jimmy Cross and Martha reunite?

7. What is the average age of the Alpha Company members?

8. What is O’Brien’s summer job before the war?

9. What is the outcome of the fight between Dave Jensen and Lee Strunk over Jensen’s missing jackknife?

10. What is the pact between Jensen and Strunk?

11. How is Curt Lemon killed?

12. What happens when Curt Lemon is called in to see the dentist?

13. Who flies his girlfriend to Vietnam?

14. At the end of “Sweetheart of the Song Tra Bong,” what is Mary Anne Bell wearing?

15. Who tells the story of “Sweetheart of the Song Tra Bong”?

16. What item does Henry Dobbins wear around his neck?

17. How does O’Brien kill a Vietnamese soldier outside My Khe?

18. When the platoon burns a village and then finds a young girl dancing, who mocks her?

19. What medal does Norman Bowker almost win?

20. Where does Kiowa die?

21. Who runs the Tip Top Lodge?

22. What does a young soldier share with Kiowa the night before Kiowa’s death?

23. When O’Brien returns to Vietnam more than twenty years after the war, whom does he bring with him?

24. A few days after O’Brien arrives in Vietnam, who tells him to “introduce himself” to a corpse?

25. Why did O’Brien’s relationship with Linda end?

Gangs Keep Out 

Use a word from this list to correctly complete each sentence.

 a. increasing b.large cities c. after-school programs d. secretive e. girls 


26.The number of U.S. teens involved in gangs is  


27.Gang recruitment is more likely to be successful in communities that lack  


28. Gang involvement has always been high in  


29. Unlike the past, more of today's gang members are  


30.Estimating the number of teens involved in gangs is difficult because gangs are 


Directions: Choose the best synonym for the following words. 

31) kind

32) shiny

33) glad

34) big

35) fast

36) noisy

Directions: Choose the best antonym for the following words. 

37) thick

38) early


39) cold

40) slow

41) similar

42) safe

Directions:  Decide if the following sentences should end with a period, question mark, or exclamation point. 

43. I think we can go now  


44. I am so excited! Our team scored a point  


45. When are you going to take out the trash 


46. Hello, how are you 


Directions: Replace the underlined words with the correct contraction. 

47. We will see you at English class next week! 


48. There is no milk in the refrigerator. 


49. There will be time to chat later. 


50. It is raining today. 


51. You should not cheat. 


Directions: Correct the following run-on sentences. 

52. My mother and father and sister are coming to dinner tonight. 


53. I like learning English it makes me tired. 


54. My sister was taller than me when we were young now I am the tallest which is fun. 


55. I love being a police officer because I get to drive a car and shoot a gun and wear a uniform and turn on my flashing lights.



Two Badges
56. In the "Two Badges" what does it mean when they say, "war paint". 


57.What does it mean when they say I got your back? 

58. What does it mean when they take you into custody?

59.What does sizing up mean?

60. In the following quote, " The hot rush I felt during the raid quickly chilled into a lump of anxiety in my stomach" what does she mean by the lump of anxiety?