Ms. Morche's Student Resources


Clock #2


Money #2


Virtual Learning Daily Routines:

Two Syllables #1-Lesson

Syllables-Jack Hartman

Syllables-Scratch Garden

Open and Closed Syllables For Kids-Kids Academy

The Double Letter Vowel Song

Nessy Vowel Strategy ai and ay



3D shapes song

Math Monsters-Geometry

Monster Trucks-Geometry

Peep-3D shapes


pirates say ar

ar 1

Nessy r (and rr)

Jack Hartmann -Look out for Bossy r

ar word families

Magic e-Pinkfong

Alpha Blocks Magic e

Super e has the power


Sight Word Dance Song

Sight Words #2

Sight Word with Sentence

Counting to 100

Days of the Week

Months of the Year

Alphabet Sound Drill


Brain Breaks:

Hip Hop Tooty Tat



Math Lesson 10

Sight Words 1

Sight Word Song

Sight Word Song 2




Science Fair PowerPoint


Student Survey


Hey Black Child by Countee Cullen

Baseball for Kids

Comerica Park Tour

Goofy:How to Play Baseball

Raz Kids

Go Green

Dolch Lists


Lexile Chart

Pacifica, California Erosion Video

Science Dictionary

Fact Monster



Data Director Quizzes

Research for Kids



Find a Book Quiz Number Here (This is needed to take the quiz below)

Take a Reading Quiz Here (Just enter your child's Accelerated Reader Code. Ask Ms. Morche for the code)

Classroom Book Check Out System

Full Color Books with Quizzes (User Name: rmorche0)

Letter and Shape Practice

CH, SH, WH Games

WH sounds like...



Vowel Sounds

Snap It

Drag the Vowel

Long Vowel Sounds

Long Vowel Sounds 2


Complete the Sentence

High Frequency Words


Alphabetical Order

Learning Planet

ABC order

Toon University

Paw Park

Roy's Alphabetical Order Games




Reggie Loves to Rhyme

Grover's Rhyming Game

Make Time to Rhyme

Rhyming Match

Rhyme Rodeo

Bee Rhymes

More Rhyming Links



Copy Cat Jack

Binky's Sequencing

Monkey Business

Upper and Lower Case



Identifying Compound Words

Compound Word Assignment

Compound Word Match

Middle Sounds

Clifford Middle Sound Matching

Beginning and Ending Sounds

Reading Rover's Sound Check

Ending Sound's Game

Fuzzy Lion Ears

Garfield's Fishing with Phonics

Wild West Phonics

Clifford Sound Match

Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonym and Antonym

Synonym Word Girl

Synonym Matching

Grade Three Online Books

Grade Four Online Books


Read Play and Explore through RIF

Read and Learn with Starfall



SOL Teacher

Adverbs 1