Class Rules & Procedures (4th-5th)

Class Rules!

  • Be in your seat when the bell rings to start class
  • Sit in your assigned area for the week
  • Please raise your hand if you have a question
  • No talking when the teacher is talking
  • Clean up your mess!
  • Be kind and respectful to me and to each other



Classroom Procedures:


We will go over homework after the warm-up.

-Leaving as a group-

Before we leave the classroom for specials, lunch, or dismissal, you need to be in your seats with no talking.

In the hallway you will be quiet and keep your hands to yourself.


-Bathroom Policy-

If you need to go to the bathroom raise your hand with the peace sign and I will let you go. Make sure you take the pass. Bathroom breaks aren’t play time.

-Personal Space-

Please respect my personal space and respect your classmates personal space. PLEASE DO NOT GO BEHIND MY DESK OR MESS WITH THINGS ON MY DESK!


Failure to follow these rules and procedures could result in:

  • Loss of recess time
  • Afterschool Detention
  • Phone call to parent
  • Trip to the office