Impact on students Success

I have put a lot of effort into planning lessons that are Project Based student centered and something that applies to real life. I am a true believer that to make a change in the world we need to start with the education of  youth. I really want my students to look at the world around them and realize that their actions can make a difference and I hope they take that back to their communities and teach future generations. In lesson we were talking about ocean pollution due to runoff from the streets. The student felt that putting a sign on the gutters would be a Visual reminder to everyone that their actions count.



Morgan Elliot has supported student success by providing a positive and challenging learning environment for our unique population of at-risk-youth.  Her depth of knowledge and real-world work experience brings relevancy to science content.  She creates a safe classroom and takes the time to get to know her students so she can assess their prior knowledge, their strengths and needs.  She is always prepared for her planned curriculum but is also flexible to make changes based on student need and assessments.   Students at our school have big gaps in their education and many don’t see themselves as learners.  Ms. Elliot’s creates new experiences for students through NGSS-based activities and labs that also provide students the opportunity to recognize their abilities and reframe their self-images.-

Kelpie Raftery



MBPHS Science Department Lead